Spring/Summer Palette Challenge – My Moodboard!

So into the idea of a mini-season plan. I’ve been kind of doing this, taking notes, ordering something here, something there. But this is better. The Spring/Summer Palette Challenge is a perfect little thing to get my ideas pulled together…and have some pretties at the end of it.

Ta dum. My Moodboard.

I love it. It really reflects my passion for resonant tropical colors, long flowing styles, large florals, and graceful silhouettes. I adore turquoise and pinks and magentas and purples as well, but am picky picky picky on these so just hinted in the fabric swatches.

No crayon colors here. I hope you enjoy my moodboard and will try to tie my projects back as I finish them. Ciao!

3 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Palette Challenge – My Moodboard!

  1. Hi! It is a lot of fun, I do them by style as well, e.g., pants. I use Paint.net and Photoscape, both free software downloads from the web. In Paint.net I create a large canvas with two 'layers'. On one layer I can paste .jpg's of fabric swatches, on the other layer I paste .jpg's of patterns. Having 2 layers let's me move things around. I do the altered croquis-looking pattern .jpg's in Photoscape. hmmm, this sounds like a good blog topic, doesn't it?!


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