Pajama Party Update – Cutting Room Floor

The shopping trip for Pyjama Party fabric was so successful. I know I sort of said I might look for something funky, but this is as close as I got. My penchant for feminine got me in the end. All cottons from JoAnns. White robe in a plisse-like tutti fruitti, PJ bottoms in a multi-stripe seersucker, and look at this lovely print for the top! Cannot believe how it picks up the seersucker stripes and colors. I thought the man in line with me was going to snatch them both away when he saw them on the table together. The eyelet will be removed from its binding and sewn into a seam, as I cannot wear lace against my skin.

Now…to prove I am seriously started, even though show day is a week away, and I’ve been doing so many other things, like reading blogs, making sleep shorts so I can be true to Me-Made-May, reading Threads and Hunger Games and A Night to Remember: my living room floor right now at this minute – and yes, I am cutting this tissue. I like working with tissue 🙂