Simplicity 3799 – Summer PJ Shorts


I am happily de-stashing short cuts into sleep shorts! Winter’s over, craft fairs are done, and I have lots of fabric pieces that are in the 1+ yard category.  I like this pattern  because it is not too short  -I can go outside and pretend I’m wearing board shorts 🙂

The funky fabrics are leftovers from my 2011 “Back Alley Five & Dime” handmade craft table. They are all 100% cotton calico from JoAnns. Love keepsake calico –  it is a perfect weight and hand for a lot of things I sew down here in warm, humid, always sunny, I’m hot, where is the lemonade, sunglasses please, fan me, SPF 100 Florida.

The T-shirts are good old JoAnns 3-for-$10 pre-washed cotton tees. My absolute favorites because the sleeves are not too big, they have no nylon thread, and the shoulder seams are flat-felled (I cannot wear plastic seam stabilizer or nylon threads against my skin…I know I’m not alone and they are in almost all RTW tees now).

Yes, I’m having fun!

2 thoughts on “Simplicity 3799 – Summer PJ Shorts

  1. Hi! I've traced mine a couple times, I love the capris as well, and made a full-length pants version. Just fit me right, not too baggy (oh, baggy, bad word!) Coco


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