Strawberry guavas!

I feel so fortunate to have beaten my resident squirrel to some of the strawberry guavas this year!
 He really does own the tree.

These pictures are from early this morning. Perhaps Chukka Chukka was still sleeping…

Or the abundance of fruit this year is simply beyond even his greedy little appetite!

As I type I can hear him in the tree munching away. Such good company. 
Coco and Chukka Chukka

6 thoughts on “Strawberry guavas!

  1. Hi Julia. I know what you mean – I lived in N.C. for one year on a contract assignment, and I was terribly homesick for Florida. So beautiful.


  2. I grew up in Florida. Reading your blog makes me want to hop on a plane. But visiting is not the same as living there, noticing the flora and fauna in your own yard day to day.


  3. I have a strawberry guava tree but it's never given me fruit – how lush and bountiful yours looks!

    It does, however, give me flowers – the petals are like candy! I add them to salads….if they make it to the kitchen ;-D


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