Vogue 8584 Loose fitting pants – polka dots!

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Sandals, Stone Mountain

The pants speak for themselves – polka dot love! I do not know why, but in mid-June I became obsessed with the idea of wide leg pants with big polka dots. Had to have them!  I had the perfect pattern on order, Vogue 8584 – it was targeted for my brown and black linen pants this fall. And good old JoAnns had the perfect fabric – chocolate calico with big white dots. Off and running!

The pattern has lots of options. Belt carriers (5 loops – yes, there is a carrier at center back), three hem looks, 2 pockets styles, drawstring waist, and a belt pattern! I chose the long pants, plain waist and hem, belt carriers,  and gathered pockets.
Blouse, Simplicity 1806
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Braided Belt, Dillards

I sewed a  14 and got a really nice fit. Vogue 14 is for 38″ hips and this pattern is spot-on for me. I shortened the rise by taking 1/2″ off the top edge (which is folded to form the waistline casing).

The pocket style I chose is self-faced at the top to form a casing and gathered with a drawstring. Not! Here’s what I did instead:
  • Ease-stitched 1/4″ from the upper edge and at the top fold line, using a long stitch. This helps with the next step.
  • Folded the casing and turned under the raw edge. I used the ease stitching to draw up the curve on the turned edge. Then I topstitched 1/4″ from the fold and close to the turned edge.
  • And inserted 3/8″ elastic.
  • I checked the pattern markings for the distance between the top pocket corners – 8″. And drew up the elastic so that the pocket would be 8 1/2″ wide when finished and sewn on the pants leg. I wanted a little softness in the look, not a flat pocket, so the extra 1/2″.
  • My last step was to use the drawstring pattern provided, but make it much shorter. I did one overhand knot at the center of the tie and attached it to the middle of the gathered casing. (I would show this in a pic as well, but you can’t really see it on this fabric). Love it, great pocket, but no fussing with drawstrings!
Peplum jacket, Coldwater Creek
I really love these pants! and wore them all over Ft. Myers last week. The fabric is amazing, it has not wrinkled at all. Which simply makes me want them in other colors. JoAnn’s has red, navy, and purple with white polka dots…
Ciao! Coco

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  1. Hi Lauri! glad you figured it out and love it that you enjoy my sewing, blog, and facebook page. So nice for me to share and know you are out there in the blogoshere. xoxoxo


  2. Thank you, Mary – I really like the fit, feel reassured about my linen pants plans. And the pockets are just so so cute. I find myself looking for places to put pockets.


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