Vogue 1247 – Woven top remix

Knit skirt, Citiknits
Sandals, Free Spirit
I feel like I’ve joined the sewist sisterhood!  Vogue 1247, Rachel Comey’s tunic and short skirt, is so well-known and well-sewn. A Best Pattern of 2011 on Pattern Review, I found 58 reviews there, and I think I read them all!

Love the lines and beautiful lower bodice seaming detail, but for me the shoulder pleats and sleeves kind of overwhelm the blouse.  And  the mid-bodice horizontal dart is a problem if a stripe is used! Soft wovens and drapey fabrics are recommended – but I sew tops in quilting cottons or calico most of the time. They are cool and nice for the Florida climate – but they are not particularly drapey fabrics. So a remix!

I decided to (1) remove the shoulder pleats from the front and back shoulders, (2) ditch the dart! and (3) redraft the sleeve.
  • Pinned and flattened the pleats and mid-bodice dart in the bodice front.
  • Drew the short kimono sleeve using the bodice of the Serendipity Diane Kimono Dress, which I already knew was a good sleeve for me. Added 5/8″ hem allowance to the sewing line.
  • The same shoulder and sleeve changes were made to the back piece.
  • Verified my seams were going to fit each other and the bottom bodice pieces by pin-fitting the altered tissue.
  • And traced out new back and bodice top patterns.
  • Not shown here, I also raised the front neckline mid-point by 5/8″. I simply added 5/8″ at the center front and cured the new cutting line.

Here are the new pieces as cut, using Robert Kaufman’s Dill Blossom Stripe quilting cotton:

The bodice top was cut across the grain, and the back was cut with the grain. I made no attempt to match stripes on any of these pieces! Hard enough just to find my thread in all this!

All the seams are serged – french seams are just not a good finish for this weight fabric! Oh, well, yes, serging is lots faster :-)

Fun top! I sewed a size 12 and think the fit is great. 
It is easy to slip on and off, and I love the way the sleeves turned out.

Pants, Motto
Zoris, CVS

And the good bones of the blouse are intact. This blouse is just the right length for pants… 
 I like the way my jeans pockets peek out under the hem.

I am so very easy to please 🙂 Ciao! Coco

16 thoughts on “Vogue 1247 – Woven top remix

  1. Oh thank you so much! And I love your vintage/retro dresses! Especially the Advance patterns. I read so much of your blog, but entries end in 2011. Are you only on Sew Retro now? Love your writing.


  2. Hi Marilee! So glad you found my blog, love having neighbors. Your fabric sounds so so pretty, silk will drape beautifully in this pattern. Hope you share pics on PR!


  3. Coco… I just discovered your blog via Pattern Review… I also live in South Florida, some 45 miles north of you, so I find your comments and choices reflect my preferences and sewing requirements.

    I really like this pattern, which I just bought. Your specific alterations may not suit me, but there's still a gold mine of information about the pattern I can use. I think I'll make the top in a dark blue and taupe silk geometric print that's been in my stash for awhile, to pair with a denim-knit bottom, probably making a cropped pant from one of Marcie's patterns that I think would look good with it.

    Anyway, I'll be stopping by often to see what you have on the sewing table.



  4. Terri, thank you! Mixing it up with the stripes made it really fun. And for the comment on hair also – I'm never sure when I make a change and this was a big one!


  5. Another winner Coco! Love how you used the stripes. I agree with Carolyn that the alterations are perfect, and BTW you look tres chic with your hair pulled back.


  6. Thank you, Carolyn! It was kind of fun – I'm so boney but really wanted to use the pattern. Have you made this one too? I think maybe it would be totally cute in the looser version done in a marigold fleece for a winter overshirt with a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath. 🙂 Love sewing…


  7. Thanks so much, Myra. I love the skirt too..but have a little (biggish) skin disorder that just won't let me wear any kind of hardware, not even a snap. Forget a zipper! Have been thinking about how to get those super neat pockets onto an elastic-waist skirt or dress skirt 🙂


  8. Very pretty! I have this pattern and have not made it yet…I bought it for the skirt but changes make me really want the top too! Nice job!


  9. Hi Valerie! and thank you. More and more I find myself thinking of patterns in terms of their elements and realize I can move things around. There are no sewing pattern police! I think joining the sewist blog and PR world really changed my world and gave me more confidence. Grateful and having fun.


  10. Coco I have this pattern too. I resisted because I know I am going to have to do some major tweaking too. I like how you altered the sleeves to suit your body shape.


  11. Thanks, Judy! I feel lucky it worked out so well – this is my muslin (which is why the stripes don't match up – although in the end I like it better that way). And it really does make a neat top.


  12. Oh this is a really pretty version! I hink your changes make it lay better than mine did. I kep wanting to do another- I think I'll copy your ideas and go for it.


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