I love a package – Zippers

I might as well be in a candy shop – look at these zippers! Twelve 12″ zippers in such beautiful colors! Not sure if I should sew them or just hang them on a string an look at them…

They came today from Pink Chalk Fabrics, only $9.95 for 12! (Love the store, the blog, the newsletter). And they really do go with something.

I’ve been feeling crafty – and I blame it on Svetlana. Her small quilted and pieced projects on s.o.t.a.k. homemade are so beautiful. Well, her quilts are beyond beautiful. I like to go and just look once in a while.

Anyway, I love to make bags and purses and pouches. She has done some really pretty ones. And lately it seems everyone (movie stars, royalty, tinkerbell…) is carrying a clutch purse. So…I’m going to make some!

Pink Chalk has a great downloadable pattern from Keyka Lou, $8.

Looks are deceiving – the large one is just shy of 12″ x 7″! And the smaller one is 8″ x 5″. Love it that you get both sizes in the pattern.

And the really nice touch (what makes this a clutch, not a cosmetic bag), the inset zipper. I’ve never sewn an inset zipper, am happy to have a pattern at last.

So I’ve actually been saving even the small scraps of all the cottons I’ve been sewing this summer, and I have a bunch from quilts and craft projects. Sometimes I need a break from sewing garments and just want to fool around with something. This should be perfect!

Ciao! Coco

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