Simplicity 1806 So ruffled blouse…

Blouse fabric, ACMoore minibolt calico
Pants, Vogue 8584 loose fitting pants, Holly Lobby calico

I’ve worn this blouse so many times on the blog – and promised a review.    So it is time! This is one of the funniest patterns I’ve ever sewn. And I guess that needs explanation 🙂

The variations are just great. I particularly like the one with the three ruffles in the front (View A) and the one with the flounce on the side (View B).

A major attraction of this top: the princess-style seams. So much easier for my bustline. No darts to move or fuss with. And as it turns out, I did not make any seam adjustments at all.

I started with View A, three ruffles. Piece of cake! until I read the italicized print in front of the very first step : ‘trim 5/8″ off the neckline and armhole allowances’. hmmm. Didn’t I just cut out this pattern? OK. Perhaps the additional trims are because the pattern is drafted for sleeves and so on. So I trimmed and sewed.

And ended up with a neckline that just stood up and saluted me! Really really did. It was not too low – it was just too out there! I’m not sure you can even see it in this photo, but when I had it on, it did not conform to me at all. Just stood up and said ‘ hi there’.

I was sooo dismayed, I almost threw the pattern away!! But slept on it. And decided to run 1/8″ elastic thru the neckline binding. Ah. Worked great. In fact, it was perfect, because it brought the blouse into my thump thump hollow chest.  The first photo shows how nicely it turned out 🙂

      A BTW: I pretty much do all my armhole and neckline bindings so that they are turned
      to the outside, not the inside. I like the extra visual ‘weight’ on the bodice  – and the control
      I get on the topstitching.  I am reminded of  ‘no wire hangers!’….for me it is ‘no armhole
      puckers!’  LOL

So I moved on…to View B. Which only requires one to ‘trim 5/8″ from the armholes’, but not the neckline. Alrighty. And this view has neckline facings, not bindings. Oh my. This view is so very pretty, sewed up like a dream, and I made no adjustments at all! Love it!

Blouse fabric, JoAnns white dot on dot cotton
Pants, Vogue 8584 loose fitting pants, JoAnns calico
Now that I’ve gotten used to the pattern, and we’ve come to an understanding, I’ve sewn it half a dozen times! And I just got it in to sew for my daughter as well. She is an attorney, I think the three ruffles in a muted blue/grey stripe shirting will be gorgeous under a suit jacket.
A couple more versions…
Blouse fabric, ACMoore minibolt cotton
Pants, McCalls 6291, JoAnns weavers cloth

Blouse fabric, Tonga Batik City Abstract, cotton
Skirt, Coldwater Creek

And I have the side flounce View B already cut out and ready to sew in soft peach broadcloth. Because the side flounce shows both sides of the fabric, broadcloth, yarn-dyed or similar fabrics are good choices for this view.

What a nice summer blouse this turned out to be. It’s easy to sew, just has a few quirks.  Love it.

Ciao! Coco

16 thoughts on “Simplicity 1806 So ruffled blouse…

  1. Audrey, thank you so much! It really has been wonderful to find a pattern that works so well and makes me feel pretty when I when one.


  2. I like all of the versions of this pattern you have made. They are all so pretty. You definitely got your money’s worth from this pattern!


  3. Thanks so much! I actually started summer with no woven tops! It has been a real eye-opener for me to see what can be done with a yard and a half of fabric…now I am unstoppable 🙂


  4. Go for it, Mary! I am just enjoying summer sewing so much! and I have another 'out there' yellow and grey print from Holly Lobby that will show up soon as the same loose leg pants. Just love them!


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