Fall Storyboard – jackets & cardi’s!

Everything in me is saying ‘change, change – just around the corner…’.  In spite of volumes of rain, the grass and trees look dry, and the birds and lizards are definitely not amorous. Slow, lazy, yes, but beat. It must be coming up to fall…

I just updated the Coco’s Loft Website – which you can also reach from the blog. It is my very self-indulgent personal version of PInterest before there was such a thing. They are such copycats.

Just a couple notes:

The beautiful Akasha quilted coat, I am so excited. It is reversible, I have the fabric. Getting the pattern was the hardest part, as it is limited in print. Got it!

The other long coat, from Loes Hinse – I am torn between purple and picante linen.

The traditional blanket coat, upper right hand corner, will be very untraditional in chenille! I had a Ralph Lauren navy blue chenille blazer that I wore to nubs. Perfect fabric for our light winter.

And the knit cardi’s and Cynthia Rowley jacket are just fun. I have the leopard print already, a knit fleece, very lightweight. Would you believe 2 fleece throws from ACMoore, on sale? Should work out great.

Sorry for so much text without a picture…Coco!

6 thoughts on “Fall Storyboard – jackets & cardi’s!

  1. Thanks, Ruth! We'll see – I made about half my spring – summer storyboard but made twice as many garments as I planned! Somehow that works in my favor 🙂


  2. Oh, thank you, Judith! I am so itching to get started. I have a couple projects underway for my daughter, who is doing a girl friend cruise in September…then it's back to my selfish ways!


  3. Love your storyboard! I have a couple of these patterns (not the prized one's) and are looking forward to seeing your versions made up – super choices of fabrics….


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