Stormy weather!

I am nothing if not an optimist…and I love Florida! Can hardly believe I am sitting in the lanai and actually have power! The wind has been blowing incredibly – and the rain has been blowing sideways, straight down, and backwards. But here I am!

We’ve had a crazy few days, but are very fortunate to have come through Isaac so well. In fact, my cohabitants are a bit happy about all this…

Old mr. toad and all his brood (quite large now after some seven years of hanging out behind the air conditioner) love a good swim. He hopped in just after I took this pic.

And my alligator is all smiles when he gets drenched. What a cutie, gifted by my son and his wife some years ago, rare!

My thoughts are with all those impacted by the storm…Coco

10 thoughts on “Stormy weather!

  1. Thank you so much. Old toady actually took over a green birdbath under a nearby bush. It has a fake frog on the edge that spit water at one time, had a solar-powered pump. The birds hate it! The toads love it! I have some hilarious photos of Mr. Toad in the toadbath. Mr. Gator graciously puts up with lizards sitting on his head…


  2. Thank you so much, Mary. This is my pond by default…two inches of rain and it is full, which is why I filled it with stones and enjoy it as is. It really is a pleasure, it is right outside my lanai. The ground here soaks up water so fast, it takes a lot of rain to make a puddle 🙂 This one spot in all of my yard just misbehaves 🙂 So I like it.


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