Burda 7513 – A Phoenix

Fabric, Keepsake Calico, Contemporary Circles, JoAnn’s
Contrast, Pimatex Cotton Dots, Fabric.com
Sandals, Easy Spirit
I feel sooo much better now! I fixed my olives dress…no, I did not really burn the pattern on the bonfire. Just thought about it and fussed a little bit.
Here are the pattern and my original  olives dress. It really is pretty true to the pattern, except that I lengthened it and left off the pockets:

Actually, the dress has a beautiful bodice. And the skirt is pretty as well, an easy taper:
So I did the only logical thing, really. I cut it up redrafted it and kept the best parts! It was pretty easy:
  • Based on other dresses, I decided I wanted this one to be 39 1/2″ long from center shoulder to hem.
  • I allocated 13″ in length to the bodice, 2″ to a waistband, and 24 1/2″ to the skirt.
  • And marked/cut my bodice at 13 1/2″ down from the shoulder to remove it from the skirt.
  • I marked/cut the skirt 25″ up from the hem, since the hem was already finished.
  • And cut 2 strips of contrasting fabric, 39″ x 3″, for the waistband and waistband facing.
  • All seams were sewn at 1/2″ because that’s the distance to the edge of my general purpose pressure foot!

Does anyone know where the 5/8″ seam originated and why there’s not a 5/8″ pressure foot 🙂

You can’t really see them, but I did put patch pockets on the front as well.
This made such a cute dress! It is so comfortable, just slips over my head, no zipper or buttons or snaps. Just right.  I traced a new pattern with my changes and made another one right away!
Fabric, Calico, Holly Lobby
A few sewing notes:
  • The hem is actually an applied band, cut at 4″ wide, folded in half, and attached as one would attached a tee shirt band. I like the extra weight this gives to the bottom of a short cotton dress.
  • The armhole binding is finished to the outside instead of the inside, and is topstitched. This picks up the topstitching in the bodice neckline.
  • I used the front bodice facing from View A and drafted a back neckline facing. I think Burda meant for the front facing to be used, but left out the cutting and sewing directions for it!  Oh well, it is Burda – best to read everything before starting!
Happy I saved my dress… Coco

10 thoughts on “Burda 7513 – A Phoenix

  1. Really Coco, you've made a NEW dress! Lovely, both of them. Good tip about the hem band – thanks. Keep your head down for the next few days until Isaac blows over.


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