New Look 6936 Knit dress with kimono sleeve

I am not used to taking photos inside! Still rainy and buggy outside, I miss the gazebo and sunshine and breezes. hmmm. OK, end of complaint list…

I love this dress! It is one of the patterns for knits that I bought before I brushed up on my knit sewing skills. And I bought the fabric at the same time  – good motivation!

And please note that I have to make things as hard as possible for myself. Another stripe! Matching stripes on a knit is slippery business…at least this is a big pattern.

I sewed view A in size 14, my usual size. The fit is great, all the way down to the hem. However – I’m 5’7″ and only took up about a 3/4″ hem, others might want to cut a little extra length…
The fabric is an Irat tye [?] dye cotton jersey knit from Girl Charlee, a great online shop for casual knits. It’s midweight and is well saturated with the dyes. With minimal 1-way stretch (15%), it was very manageable on both the cutting and sewing table. Thank goodness!
If you are just getting into cotton jersey knits, a caution: order generously and launder first! shrinkage loss was about 16% on this one. To allow for pattern matching and shrinkage, I ordered an extra 3/4 yard and used it all.
Just one sewing change on this one 🙂  The directions are to make a 5/8″ narrow hem in the front and back neckline edges. Aaaghh. Clearly the folks who write those directions have never tried to do a narrow hem in the curve of a back neckline.
 I drafted a 3″ wide back neckline facing and used a narrow hem on the front neckline edges only.
A simple change that makes a big difference in the finish of the dress.
Couple more pics – pretty sleeves…

Great little number! Ciao! Coco 

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  1. Thanks so much! yes, it helps a lot! I just went out into morning sunshine and took pictures of snail art on the patio. Not quite ready to take my coffee out, but it is nice in the lanai. Congrats on your incredible year of beautiful garments!


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