Leave Your Hat On – September SewAlong!

Ok, I was going to put in an MP3 plug with Joe Crocker or Tom Jones or Etta James singing ‘You can leave your hat on’…I love love the movie ‘The Full Monty’.

But – I will respect that not everyone will appreciate the lyrics!

Moving on – a September Sewalong from LiamSolomonsMommy…hats! I know there will be lots of baby and toddler and children hats.

So I am sewing grownup things 🙂


Vogue 7600
Perfect! Coco

9 thoughts on “Leave Your Hat On – September SewAlong!

  1. No bonnets 🙂 I did download a newsboy cap pattern I like, but think I'll stick with the Vogue. Come on, make one. I bet you would look like Jack's mum in the movie 'Jack and Sarah' – she looked fabulous in her big brim hat with the front turned back just a bit.


  2. I'm a wee bit jealous, I'd love to make, but more importantly wear hats! DH says I suit them – maybe it's just because they hide my face….And just you stick to grown up things – they suit you better than bonnets – LOL


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