Reminder to self…do not buy cotton blend jersey

I am in love with my purple passion giraffe print jersey! but it does not love me so much…

It is a cotton blend. I should have paid attention, but I was so captivated by the print –  I’m easy, I admit it.

I have laundered, stretched on the floor, steamed on the floor, basted edges, hung, pressed, steamed again, rehung, resteamed….now I’m done.

I have the stripes lined up – but they always were. I made zero progress against the twist in this fabric!

My love is undiminished – I will find a pattern that can use my yardage minus all that I have to give up to the monster twist.

Oh. Coco!

7 thoughts on “Reminder to self…do not buy cotton blend jersey

  1. I have found that if you just line the stripes up and ignore the selvedges, it will be just fine. Have you ever bought a t-shirt and washed it and found the side seams twist after? same thing. There is not straight of grain in knits.


  2. Oh, Drape Drape…I so want the new book. I am thinking about asking for early gifting for the holidays 🙂 Nonetheless, you are right, this print is so me…fun.


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