I can leave my hat on!

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Love my sunhat! I hoped to take pictures in the Florida sunshine with lots of different sunnies…but it’s raining! So I’m on the porch and about to pass out from the 94% humidity 🙂

However – the fan is on and what a cute hat! Vogue 7600, four different styles in S-M-L. I sewed View B,
which has a rounded 4-section crown and very broad graduated brim. Rather like a fisherman’s hat!
The back covers my neck and upper back when I’m not twisted around. Great feature!
And I like the front brim turned up – unless I really need to dodge the sun. Then the front can be turned down – it’s so nice and wide, very shady.
This is my first ‘real’ hat, so I was careful going in. First I read through the directions very carefully. And found Vogue did not go into overdrive on these. They are really basic, almost not enough to sew the hat if one is a beginner sewist.
Then I decided to do everything in the reverse order from the directions.
I began with the brim, instead of the crown. My thinking was that the brim had to fit – if it fit, I could make the crown fit the brim. Why would I sew the crown first?
I used craft fusible interfacing on the brim lining. Stiff stuff, but it is great for this kind of application. The brim top is interfaced with white broadcloth. Four layers! but the polka dots do not show through and the brim stiffness is perfect.
Tips for the brim and all that topstitching:
  • Staystitch the crown/top edge of the two brim pieces as soon as they are cut. Otherwise they will strreeetch out of shape because they are cut entirely on the bias.
  • Use a walking foot on the topstitching!
  • Baste the top/interfacing layer in four lines along and across the grain line. This will help prevent the fabric from creeping forward as you sew.
  • Topstitch with the lining side under the pressure foot and needle and the top side down on the feed dog. The fused interfacing on the lining helps prevent fabric creep as well.
As it happened, I did have to make a size adjustment – I took an inch out of the center back seam in the brim! I allocated 1/4″ to each of the crown seams, which worked out very well.
The crown is lined in a white linen/rayon, and black grosgrain ribbon is sewn over the brim/crown seam.  I think this is pretty nifty!
I hope you’ll come see all the sew-along entries. And thank you to Carmel for hosting the fun!
One last pic for PR…ooo…ahhh…Coco!

28 thoughts on “I can leave my hat on!

  1. I have started a commute that puts me in sun (and rain) for long enough that a hat is a must. I just picked up this pattern and plan to make one (or more after looking at how gorgeous yours is) for summer and from DWR/technical fabrics for the rainy winter days. Thank you thank you thank you for this post – the detail you shared will be invaluable to me when I start making my own.



  2. It was fun,Carmel! It got me moving on making a hat, something I've wanted to do but just kept putting off. All the children are so precious in the Flickr group photos…their cute hats and faces are the real show.


  3. That is a terrific hat! I love hats. In fact, I recently made one, a black/white check, using a HotPatterns free download. If you're interested, go to allmyseams.blogspot.com and scroll down a couple of posts.


  4. Come on summer…I do love warm weather as well. We get just enough cool air in the winter – I freeze north of Florida, thin-skinned after 34 years here.


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