Butterick 5504 Indigo Denim Capris – Oh, lovely

I have not sewn denim in forever ever!! But I really wanted dark denim Capri’s. They just seem so ‘there’, kind of up from jeans, more stylish, a bit more of a statement. Are you with me here?

My problem was that I kept looking at denim fabric and was so totally confounded and intimidated. Fifty shades of blue.

Then. There’s the treachery of denim and grainlines. Apparently, per my research, they do not mix or dance. Denim has a mind of its own, once the twist is there, it is never to be tamed…could I resign my OCD self to such a strong-minded fabric?

OK. I was scared off!


I am on a new plane. Coco Rosie is my new name when it comes to denim. LOL.

I took a deep breath and ordered ‘Prepster Blue Stretch Denim’ from Fabric.com. And I am in love 🙂

I should buy a bolt.
Getting back to the pattern…everything came together! This is a great capri pattern! Fun features, look at the pockets and topstitching detail!
 Of course, with my drawstring aversion, I used elastic in the waistline. Small matter. Little adjustment I made to the waistline: I am short in the rise, so I folded over a bit more than the pattern indicated. This was a simple change. Otherwise, great fit! I am 5’7″, 130 lb., kind of regular bod, and sewed a Medium.
Back fit is fine.
The waist is not too gathered to wear with a ‘tuck-in’.
And they are just perfect for cropped jackets.
Here is how I will probably wear them all winter, my fav top from JJill…
Can you tell I really like this pattern and this fabric? I have some red alova on hand that is destined to be my next pair of Capri’s. oh yeah 🙂
Bye with a big smile – Coco 

25 thoughts on “Butterick 5504 Indigo Denim Capris – Oh, lovely

  1. Saw your review on PatternReview for these capris. After the holiday sewing rush, it's time to sew for me! I've lived in SoFlorida (West Palm area) for over 2 years now, and NEED some new capris for the winter ;-). Nice to be out of the winter coats. Thanks for the review, and will be bookmarking your blog.


  2. Thank you, Ruth. Must be cold there by now…we are still balmy, but a little fresher with the winds changing direction for the winter. Would these work inwool or corduroy with boots or just too cold for that?


  3. Judi, thank you! I am really pleased with the fit…I can't wear zippers and snaps easily (skin) so am always looking for elastic waists that are 'just right'. Love these.


  4. Thank you, Julie! I think the fabric is done giving up dye, except for the usual fading over time and washings. I only prewashed once! And it feels very soft. The white thread in the twill is still very white. This fabric was marked as a 'special purchase' on fabric.com, which generally means they've gotten hold of a 'high-end' fabric. I keep an eye out for this designation, try to get it if it's something I'm for which I'm shopping. Hope your denim starts behaving soon!


  5. They are really great looking capri's and the style is so versatile. There are all kinds of denim quality, weights and colors. When you find one that works for the garment you are making, it is a wonderful thing.


  6. Your capris are wonderful and look to be so versatile. I am about to embark on the Jalie jeans pattern and nearly ordered the prepster denim but found some locally that was a similar shade. After three prewashings the dye is still running heavily. How was the prepster denim in that regard. Love your blog!


  7. Hi Beverly. And thanks so much. I loved finding your blog! I think you and I are almost the same size, just put together a bit differently. I sew a size 14 because of bust and shoulders but I'm slim thru the hips. The large in this pattern might work really well for you! My daughter's name is Ashley 🙂 And I love the pics of your home and mountains. Ashley was born in the Shenandoah Valley in Leesburg, Virginia. Coco


  8. Thanks! after almost 2 months of deadline sewing for my daughter I have retrenched and am so happy to have done so 🙂 back to my selfish self. I love these pants!!!!


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