Vogue 1177 Anna Sui Dress & Slip

This really is fun. When I finished my Loes Hinse duster, I realized I wanted more – more detail sewing that is!   It is so enjoyable to work with many pieces and finishes and to see a garment come together. Even better, to modify a pattern and see one’s own ideas come forward. 
Anna Sui designs do not always suit me, sometimes they seem a little unpurposed (ok, young, clubby, girly…) but that is surely not a deterrent. I like the basics of some of her designs, and I’m perfectly happy to modify a bit. And her Vogue patterns work very very well.

This dress (or tunic as I made it) has sooo many elements. Reading the pattern is like shopping a candy store. And that is just the dress. I did not even unfold the included slip pattern (a classic slip, cut on the bias. Totally icing on the cake for me, as I did not have this pattern in my inventory).

My fabric is a 55/45 linen/rayon blend from Fashion Fabrics Club. In the online description, the picture, and actually the fabric itself when it arrived, it was dusty purple! After three prewashes of the fabric – definitely blue! But very nice, slubby, and soft, without any sheen from the rayon content.
Elements I modified:
  • The pattern uses 1/4″ pleats to gather the fabric in the upper sleeve, and in the front and back bodice below the yoke. I pinned these pleats on one bodice front and formed a square with two rulers around my bust apex. Voila! A perfect cupping of my breast. Not. 

  • Simple fix. I replaced the pleats with gathers spread across a greater width. Here you can see the gathers on the bodice front and upper sleeve…

  • The waist casing and drawstring tie definitely would not work in my fabric, it would be too heavy. I made the casing into a waistband by working with my hip measurement plus some ease. And took 3″ out of the back casing, and 1 1/2″ out of each front casing.
  • The original skirt was too full for the reduced waistband. I narrowed the skirt pieces so that they were  about  1 1/2  times the width of the band. Just enough to achieve a soft gather that would not flounce out too much.

    Isn’t this double fold detail above the hem beautiful?

  • Since I wanted a long tunic, not a dress, I shortened the skirt by 2″. I am 5″7″ – this dress was short before I lopped it 🙂
  • And I made a simple closed band for the sleeve cuff. The pattern comes with a lapped and buttoned cuff.  

On Emile, the inside of the tunic. The pattern has really pretty construction details. And I had a bit of fun here. The waistband facing and hem binding are Tonga Batik City Abstract.

Curiosity led me to a search on the web for this dress in Anna Sui pret-a-porter. Found it, 2010, in silk for $571!!

Perfect Florida winter-wear. Loving this. 
Bye! Coco

22 thoughts on “Vogue 1177 Anna Sui Dress & Slip

  1. That's just cute as can be! You have such a nice, slim figure to wear this type of garment. Wow–to be able to replicate something that is so expensive is an real accomplishment. Nice work.


  2. Thanks so much, Audrey. I really enjoyed working with the pattern, and I agree, the solid really shows off the elements so much more than a print would do. I am such a picky sewist, I think the finish tells the story – this gave me lots of opportunity to practice!


  3. Your tunic is wonderful! It looks great on you, and your choice of the solid color fabric really highlights the pleats and seaming details that you executed beautifully.


  4. Thank you! I saw your new stash…jealous. You will look fab in whatever you make with it. And BTW, I don't think the drawstring waist would be a good look on any hips!


  5. I love Anna Sui and you have made it even better! I have avoided this pattern becasue the drawstring waist is a bad look on these hips, but now I think I need to make up yours- and to spare Anna's feelings, I'll use a gaudy print from my fresh Anna Sui stash! YOu look too adorable!!!


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