Vogue 1315 Knit Dress – Jungle January #2!

Sandals – Chinese Laundry
It’s time for another Jungle January edition…
And I am absolutely in love with this Vogue pattern from Rebecca Taylor! 
It is so simple and so easy to wear. I so often go for dresses and tops with raised waistlines. This one is at the waist, but has a soft roomy bodice that works well for me. The skirt is so well-balanced, and the sleeves are just beautiful.
Loving this fabric! It is a cheetah print cotton knit jersey from Holly Lobby. Midweight and very very easy to sew. I recommend this to anyone looking for a fun print. I don’t have a Holly Lobby where I live and picked this up during a trip to visit my daughter – but I also looked online, and it is available for online ordering – maybe I need more!
For once, I did not make a bunch of changes to the pattern! I sewed my usual Vogue size 14 and just added a couple inches to the skirt length (I’m 5’7″). One note on the sleeves – I like them long over my wrists, as they are on my dress. I took up a bare 5/8″ hem, but I do have ‘short’ arms (according to my ballet teacher years ago…) You might want to measure before you cut, maybe just tack on an inch or so if you like your sleeves long as well.
Would be terrific with a 3/4 sleeve if that suits better. I think the pattern could be used as is and simply shortened once the sleeves are seamed. 
The dress has interesting and unusual pockets that are sewn into the waistline and side seams. I thought they might add to much bulk to the skirt or grab too much attention – but they work really well and are nice and deep. 
A belt would be fun – I tried several, brown and black, wide and skinny. Looked good! But I am inclined to let the dress work for itself, very relaxed and in keeping with my personal style.
Once again – grrrr – ciao! Coco

30 thoughts on “Vogue 1315 Knit Dress – Jungle January #2!

  1. Shelley, thank you! I am a Chinese Laundry lover, too, just hard to find! I think I will take your advice and show off the dress – definitely not a closet item!


  2. Thank you, Carole. I'm with you – but this is so 'discreet', almost paisley/ditsy. I just love it. p.s. I will not use any fabric pattern that competes with my hair!


  3. Pauline, thank you – I am a tall gal, but I love your thinking! I can see you in this dress – you have such a wonderful wardrobe. But I don't know how you do it. You are so busy, you remind me of myself when I was on the plane all week. Back then I just went to the store and bought! So little time. I enjoy having the time to sew and blog now, and I am so tempted to sew things I'll never wear – but remind me of the days I would have done so. Once in a while I go crazy and sew something that I simply enjoy having…


  4. Oh, Ruth, my beating heart! I've actually put on 10 lbs, have gone off 3 meds in the last 6 wks (they all made me almost anorexic, but were necessary – transition has gone well and I'm feeling so well. Their side effects were so difficult. Fingers crossed 🙂 and thank you…


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