Vogue 8584 – Loose Leg Capris

 More capris! A breeze to sew and I’m loving the fit.
These are done in a rayon/linen blend from Fashion Fabrics Club. The fabric is 55% rayon, so it has a really smooth hand and nice drape. I pre-laundered twice, so it is also soft and not very wrinkly. It gets a kind of ‘crushed’ look, but not the deep wrinkles found with linen.
A note: I do not iron my rayon/linen blend pants and capris – this is Florida! Just machine wash and barely dry.

Here’s a pic that shows the line and width of the leg (not the most becoming pose – but there’s always a sacrifice…).
Cotton knit top, J Jill
I sewed a size 14 in these, my usual Vogue size. After many pairs (more below), my pattern is a snap to use – it is just the right length, width, etc. – I can even hem the legs before I sew them together! My original adjustments included shortening the rise (just took an inch off the top) and lengthening the pants version. The capri length is perfect as is, no changes. The patch pockets are there, you just can’t see them in the pics. 
These have an elastic waist, but are fairly narrow at the waist and through the hips, without having any darts. Makes them really comfy – plus I used 1″ knit elastic, which is very soft to wear. The casing has a 1/4″ top seam, which helps to keep the elastic from rolling. You might try this…just add 1/2″ to the waistline fold allowance!
Mushroom brown, also rayon/linen blend from FFC
More pants from Vogue 8584 – I’ve actually made 4  pairs of pants! Two are my  cocoa and white polka dot pants and a fun pair in a black and white print .
View C

View B
And I just finished two more in good old black and brown, View B (which I’ll note in future posts). Just a great fit and finish.
p.s. a rare action shot! This is my first blog post using my new camera! It’s a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS! I knew I needed a new camera but had no idea how far the PowerShot had come since I bought my last one, the 110, over 8 years ago. So so happy with my new pal – as in ecstatic, over the moon, really happy 🙂 I should have gotten this ages ago.
Ciao from the photo shoot! Coco

16 thoughts on “Vogue 8584 – Loose Leg Capris

  1. You guys have really had rougher weather than we have this year. Come on down – woke up to 55 and it got up to 76 today. Love this time of year in Florida!


  2. You made my day with your post! I have some polka dot fabric…wanted to make pants…I just needed to see them on someone else 1st. They(yours)are downright pretty and I'll make mine now, so thank you!!!


  3. It's so nice when you have a pattern down and can make it quickly…a break from puzzling through a new one, fit issues and everything. I am envious of your warm weather outfit; it was a high of 22 here in Maryland today!


  4. Thank you, Carole! Love my garden as well – it's a shade garden, not very big, just right 🙂 and my polka dots are my favorite as well. After making them, I immediately bought the same fabric in red with white polka dots – which I'll do for spring. Wowser!


  5. Kisses your way, Pauline! I am a bit over 5/7″, but have broad shoulders. Slim elsewhere, though. The Vogue 14 has 38″ hips, like mine!, and just fits me really well. Thank you!


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