Baby, it’s cold outside!

I am a winter weather wimp 🙂 When our Florida temperature drops below 75 degrees F. in the winter, I get very coooold! The official indicator is that I put on my wicked witch of the south socks (from Hanes)….

Cute hat…Felicity on Ravelry – a  visit gift for my DD when I go to Ft. Myers soon.
I had to water the plants in my lanai. And I got really chilled from the drips and drizzles. But they will love me back…Winter brings our dry season, so everything is thirsty.

When I got up this morning, the temp in the house was 68 degrees F. – cold! And I turned on my heat. I’ve had two houses in Florida that did not have heat. Or AC. I am so happy for both!
Hope you are dealing with all the winter challenges with aplomb…
Ciao! Coco

6 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. You have had such cold! I did my degree work at Rutgers, in NJ, and remember the agony of standing at the bus stop, wrapped in 3 scarves and a bumpy and very unattractive down coat!


  2. I've lived in the tropics and in arctic-like winters….and almost everything in between, for that matter! It's still curious how 60 degrees in one setting can chill you to the bone, and in another it feels so balmy you shed down to shirt sleeves and shorts and enjoy the outdoors!

    Right now, 68 inside my house is a nice comfy temp 🙂


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