Grainline Studios Scout Tee – jungle drums…

Indigo jeans – Motto
Black zoris – CVS

The beasties are still in my garden…Scout Woven Tee in a jaguar cotton print from Holly Lobby!  This is my first go at this much-loved pattern. And I am on the bandwagon – it’s great!

I managed to get two pics before I got chased inside by the rain…here’s the second…

This is such an easy sew, I did not change a thing (not at all like me! but it fit…sewed a medium, did an adjustment for my right sloping shoulder – but that’s not the pattern’s fault!) Oh boy, no darts…a true tee shirt.

And the rains came. And I love rain during our dry season, so no complaint from me.

Ha – wet hair! But wanted to share this great pattern and print before valentines push jungle beasts aside 🙂

Ciao! and more Scouts to come…Coco

21 thoughts on “Grainline Studios Scout Tee – jungle drums…

  1. Hi deb! They are pen and ink drawings done by me! I started working in pen and ink in the mid-80s, much prefer to any paint medium. They are thematic – Cayo Biscayne, Los Cayos, Sedona, Night Walk, Miami, Noah's Ark. In my bedroom I have a self-portrait and the frontispiece I did for a memory album for myself and my 2 kids, our time living in Costa Rica and the death of my husband there. Oh. I've also done a drawing for my mom and for each of my kids, all the rest are here with me 🙂 They are all quixotic, a bit mystical, oriented to natural elements and creatures that I love. Thank you for asking!


  2. I'm going to be looking up this pattern, but- what can you tell me about the artwork above your piano? Are those prints or drawings? Thanks-


  3. You were an inspiration! I fell hard for your electrocuted candy cane scout!Had to come back with an animal…maybe mod next time?
    uh oh, I see it now…a themed Scout sew-along!


  4. Easy peasy! I really like this for woven fabrics. Knits are so taxing and finicky!! And I love the prints available on woven fabrics, want to wear them! OK – I'm waiting! Go for it! I downloaded my pattern from the GStudios site…but it is only a few pieces.


  5. Thank you, Pauline! If ever you want fabric from Holly Lobby, which I know is not in the UK, just let me know…I'll send! They have an online site. It's not that they are the best,they are just a bit different. I have not seen jaguar anywhere! I shop them because I wear so much cotton, and their calico, broadcloth, AHenry calico narrow selection, quilting tonals, twills, denims, and other cottons are great.
    They have a store near my DD's home, so I go there every time I visit 🙂


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