It’s my birthday!

Poppies Africa, Coco ’11

For me the new year begins on my birthday (there is nothing personal about January 1).

I love my birthday. When I was working, I always, for over 30 years, took off my birthday. I love it.

And now I am 65!

What I am doing today, self-indulgence.

  • I bought 3 frozen ice cream cones, the ones with a waffle cone and chocolate and nuts on top. Plan to eat at least two before midnight.
  • I have 3 favorite drinks: kir, blackberry sour, and campari & soda. I bought blackberry brandy, to be mixed with Crystal Light lemonade, for a quasi-blackberry sour.
  • I ordered 8 Partylite Iced Snowberries Scent Plus Melts on EBay. I have some in my warmer now, and I love knowing I have more coming. My very favorite ever.
  • I am cruising fabric sites and will order something grand before day’s end. Promise 🙂

Meanwhile, the weather is cool, my garden got much needed rain yesterday, and my family has sent me love.

What a very nice birthday.


22 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Happy Belated BD to you! I too, am 65. I don't particularly like my age, but whatchagonnado? Oh, my favorite adult drink is raspberry vodka with pink lemonade Crystal Lite with plenty of ice. Yumm!


  2. Happy Day! (and week, and month, and year….) and I'm stunned to hear that you'r 65 – may you continue to live the sort of good life that keeps you youthful and vibrant 🙂


  3. Hey Coco, Happy Birthday! I am a February baby also, early in the month. It's a lovely month here in Florida, and today was especially lovely. I hope you treat yourself to some special fabric!


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