Whip it up!

OK, we need a little music for this post – but Blogger will not let me do it without giving up my only son! So imagine Devo singing ‘Whip It’… along with a new dress modeled by Emile.

Seems like everyone is ‘whipping up’ something – a skirt, a top, a dress, a coat…

And I don’t whip up anything!

Yes, at times this has gotten to me. Green-eyed monster lurking. I have spent days on a blouse and my mind has churned over someone’s Banksia blouse, Darling Ranges dress, Minoru jacket…whipped up on Sunday afternoon. That would have taken me lots more time – I’m so slow!

I spend a week on a dress, several days on a blouse, a couple days on a pair of pants. I admit I stop a lot – go for that coffee, watch the tube, water the plants, get the mail, fool around. But still – no way can I whip it up that way!

Pause. Picture time.

I’m working on a project that I whipped up today (except the hem is not done and won’t be done until tomorrow – thereby defeating my whipping claim 🙂

But very cute. Emile shows it above, a lovely knit maxi dress. More tomorrow, promise. Kind of. Meanwhile, received in the mail….

Love it! Coco

10 thoughts on “Whip it up!

  1. I very rarely “whip up” anything. Even when I'm doing something extremely simple, when it's almost finished I always think, “I could finish this today but I don't have to,” and take a break. Sometimes the break lasts several days but this year I've been trying to keep it down to just one.


  2. I reckon some things you can whip up in a hurry, some things you can't. I only whip TNT's. Cute dress, I look forward to seeing the finished product on you.


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