Butterick 5881 – A Tunic Version!

The fun continues…after I sewed my muslin of the Katherine Tilton layered dress, and ordered lots of linens to do a true-to-concept version, I got to thinking. How about a tunic? See? This is why I do not sew with a plan! The top layer of this pattern makes a super cute tunic.
This is a really new pattern, so here’s a look:


I traced a new top layer as my tunic. I took out the slight dip in the left side, leaving the hem even all around. And I kept both the peplum back skirt and my version of the back elastic casing (described in my first version, link above).
But that long narrow placket on the front just spoke to me – give me something besides buttons! How about some flounces…
I am so loving this look!

My fabric is a soft cotton sateen from Fabric Mart, machine wash and dry 🙂 The red is very dense, so it shows through just enough to work on a flounce that shows both sides.

My starting point was a pattern from Rebecca Taylor, Vogue 1226.  The flounce running down the right side of the button placket had the ‘look’ I wanted.

The original flounce is shaped like a quarter-moon, pointed at both ends. Mine are pointed only at the bottom. I fitted them from the bottom of the placket and worked up, ‘designing’ the tops of the flounces last.

The tops of the flounces are trimmed straight across and sewn all the way up the placket, so that they are caught in the neckline binding.

The bottoms of the flounces extend about 3 inches below the placket and just softly fishtail together.

This little tunic took quite a long time to make – but it was really interesting and very rewarding.

A couple notes: my pants are Marcy Tilton skinny pants, Vogue 8859, making this a sister act! Fabric is stretch bottom weight cotton poplin from JoAnns. And yes, new hairdo! Love it, feels great.

Ciao! Coco

22 thoughts on “Butterick 5881 – A Tunic Version!

  1. And it was really nice to sew, a little ravelly but manageable. Seems like every once in a while Fabric Mart will have something really different, then they have the same things forever…I just keep looking.


  2. Borrow away! This really is a fun pattern, I keep coming up with ideas for it. Katherine T. has come up with a true winner.


  3. Hi Adrienne! V8859 – This poplin works great, because it has a 2-way stretch. No bagging at knees or back side. And no problem with sizing because this pattern is intended for knits. I love the pattern, have done it in the stretch poplin, matte jersey, alova, double knit, and stretch denim. The stretch denim is the least comfortable because it is a little too heavy for a skinny pant. The matte jersey is like pajamas!


  4. Love the top! Yes, the flounce was a nice detail to add. How is the stretch poplin? Did you compensate at all for the stretch (like taking in the seams or anything?) Wondering if the stretch stretches out over time…they do have some nice stretch bottomweights at JoAnns that I'd like to try.


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