McCalls 6747 – Just can’t get enough of this pattern!

Another version of McCalls 6747 long-sleeve maxi dress, this one in a tribal print knit from Girl Charlee. And tribal print is really appropriate – I’m almost in the jungle!
 I’ve been at my daughter’s house for a week, kitty-sitting while she and DDC have been at the San Diego ComicCon. Their house backs onto a nature preserve – sometimes it seems like all of south Florida nature is 20′ from their back porch!
I’ve seen a lynx on the edge of the preserve (what a rare treat), chased an 8′ black snake from the edge of the porch, removed 10″ worms from inside the porch, and lately, flicked 5″ walking sticks in full ardor from the screen 🙂 I would not have disturbed them, except that the kitties wanted to climb up and observe…
So I  bravely hiked out to the edge today to take these pics. It was so wet that I had to toss my zoris aside and go barefoot. And so hot and sunny that the umbrella was a must. 
All those pretty white clouds will make up into thunderheads by early afternoon. 

The papaya plant is a gift from DD’s neighbor. He started about 20 from seed last December and now has 7 or eight mature plants. What a nice present to take home. They grow so well in my backyard.

I just love this pattern. This makes 3 I’ve done! The others are here
Did you know that the poppy flower version of this dress is a July Knit Pick on Girl Charlee Fabrics blog?

Ciao! Coco

15 thoughts on “McCalls 6747 – Just can’t get enough of this pattern!

  1. Theresa, thank you! I've been following your Scout tee variations, another great pattern. And your garden. It's so different from where I live, it's fascinating to watch your garden and seasons and activities.


  2. Thanks, Adrienne. Yes, he was very scary, yellow, black, and big! Much worse than anything in my daughter's backyard 🙂 I love the preserve, the bushes and trees are so pretty, and they're always full of birds.


  3. Five inch spiders, eight foot snakes and ten inch worms! I would never step outside. Seriously. Never.

    Anyway. Dress. Yes, it is lovely. How on earth did I completely miss that pattern? You might be on your way to being one of those bloggers that makes me buy a pattern. Bad Coco. 😎


  4. Such a pretty dress, Coco! I'm with you on long sleeves for the frigid temperatures in the grocery stores and restaurants. What an interesting place for your daughter to live. I'm not sure if I would venture outdoors ever – you're brave!


  5. Nature even on the edge of suburbia is an amazing spectacle. Lucky you getting a peek at a Lynx. We see them very occasionally in our parts too.
    Number 3 Maxi looks marvelous! I fall in love with patterns too and must have multiples.
    Why not!


  6. Hi, Judi. Well, I guess some bravery has to come after over 30 years in this sub-tropical clime. You should see the banana spiders! Over 5″ across, I nearly left the state the first time I saw one in my banana tree!! Now I embrace crab spiders and banana spiders with aplomb – and just look before I walk in the garden!!! Still – I just recently shook 2 crab spiders out of my hair after a photo shoot, should have gotten a pic of that dance!


  7. Hi Angela! Oh, I know – it's hot above the equator! But I have to keep a couple shawls in the car for going in the store, soooo cold. So I do like to wear these cotton long sleeve maxis for grocery shopping and, ah, fabric shopping 🙂


  8. Oh yes, for sure…thank you for 'bravely hiking out to the edge'!!! …and barefoot at that. No way would I have dared, but when you are brave enough to chase a huge snake away…harmless or not…you can do anything. Your dress is pretty!!!


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