McCalls 6203 Dolman Sleeve Tunic

I was going to take pics outside this morning before the rains came. I got the tripod all set up, took a couple shots to adjust the tracking, and then it happened. This guy came at me…

anopheles horribilis

Of course I swatted at him. And he flew straight down the front of my pretty new top. Oh yuck! Smashed between the girls.

I was back in the house in no time. I’m having way too many adventures this summer.

I think I’ve looked at 50 knit top patterns this summer, trying to find one I can do in a tunic length with various sleeve treatments. Something with simple lines, not fussy, not art to wear – just a nice basic with good bones.

Finally I found McCalls 6203 – easy peasy, a front, a back, a sleeve band, a neck band. 

My fabric is a hot pink and black zebra cotton jersey from Holly Lobby.  I thought for 2 seconds about saving it for Jungle January, but I just couldn’t do it. I need this top now!
The dolman batwing sleeve is perfect.
Sewing notes: 
I sewed View C in size Medium, but drew the pattern out to a Large below the bust. Because I’m using this as a tunic, I didn’t want it to be fitted through the hips – I was looking for a nice unbroken line below the sleeves to the hem.
A couple other changes: I added 1/2″ to the length to ensure the hemline was below the crotch of my pants rather than across it. I also used a bias neckline binding rather than the raw-edged double band in the pattern. This makes the neckline a little lower, which I like better.
Here’s another version with long sleeves, in Cielo poly/rayon/spandex jersey from It’s so light, I love wearing it, and I’m glad I have more of the white and a couple yards of black as well.

Great top!

Parting shot…I do love mother nature. Look who was in the guava tree when I got home from DD’s house this week. A Cuban knight anole (anolis equestris). While not a native species, they’re not considered invasive – the only native they eat is the palmetto bug, and we love them for it!

A big one at about 18″ long! 
He’s actually a bit of a jewel, since about 80% of the local anole population died in the 2010 freeze. 

He’s behind the orchid, hard to see. Ciao! Coco

18 thoughts on “McCalls 6203 Dolman Sleeve Tunic

  1. Thanks, Jilly! It just came together like peas and carrots 🙂 I love my new little big guy – I get so attached to my yard buddies.


  2. Pauline, thank you! It is fun to have these guys in the yard. I have loads of little anoles, newts, and lizards, but this is my biggest. And what a face he has!


  3. Mary, thanks so much! I think my little getaway was good for me. I'm enjoying being home, reading patterns, dreaming of fabric, planning outfits. And I've given up on photos outside until this awful humidity and heat go away! It's kind of a relief…


  4. Thank you, Anne – you know you are my animal print totem, my closet practically roars because of you and Jungle January!!


  5. Dolman sleeves are my favorite…I have to buy that pattern…it's perfect and looks so nice on you, but everything you make does! As for that critter that everyone likes except me…as pretty as he is in your picture…if I saw him in my yard…oh gosh!!!


  6. Dolman tops rarely look so good! What a great marriage of fabric & pattern!

    And how delightful to come home to a little green buddy like that! 😀


  7. Thanks, Valerie. Yes, it's pretty wild around here these days, I think I'm a magnet! Waiting for my green everglades racer to show up again – he's really pretty, neon green, slinky, long…my next door neighbor has two ponds, they attract a lot of reptiles as well. I hear him cursing sometimes 🙂


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