Vogue 8807 – pansies and violets!


I am absolutely in love with this pattern and fabric…I feel like Marilyn meets the flower garden! Just what’s needed at the end of summer and a hot, muggy month.
It’s been sleeping in my stash for a year. I got the cotton calico at Holly Lobby last summer (they still carry it), and I ordered the pattern at the same time, specifically for the fabric. Now finally, what a fun dress.
The pattern is designed with a full lining – but I’m not about to line a summer calico with all this volume! 

Instead, I drafted facings for the yoke, front neckband, and armholes, and assembled them into a one-piece facing.

Then I treated the facing as though it were the lining. Worked out great.

Usually I sew a size 14, but I cut a size 10 in this pattern because it is so roomy. I made only two concessions to the smaller size:

  • Added 1″ at the yoke center back. 
  • Lowered the armhole by 1/2″.

Even the hemline (the short version) worked for me. I did add 3/8″ to the length so that I could turn a 1″ hem, rather than 5/8″. Picky picky 🙂

Check out this darling ‘obi-ish’ belt! I’ve made a couple more for other dresses, including one in a cotton knit.  
Tech note: I faced one side of the belt with mid-weight interfacing, and the other side with craft 808 interfacing, both fusible. It doesn’t double up on itself at all.
Great pockets!

And here’s how it looks without the belt. Just in case someone wants a super comfy tent dress, it’s cute too.
Bye for now! Coco

24 thoughts on “Vogue 8807 – pansies and violets!

  1. Carole, thanks. You're right, they've gotten better and better. I check online every week or so, they add fabrics periodically. And they are always on sale! They carry some of the same fabrics as JoAnns, but at 30% off, all the time.


  2. Thanks, Theresa. I'm kind of a sucker for fackings and bindings, love the challengs 🙂 Isn't the belt neat? So easy to make. Thinking of trying one in faux suede or pleather this winter. I'm chicken to try leather plus it's a bit pricey for me.


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