The Pattern Review Lined Jacket Contest – Muslin is complete!

No secrets here! I’ve been working on my muslin for the PR lined jacket contest, and I’m officially ready to move on to my final version. I found a really cute jacket and coat pattern, Burda 7020 – and it comes with pieces for the lining, oh, so much easier…

For the muslin, which I’m only doing in the main fabric, I’ve used a fleece that’s been in my stash since fall of 2012 – I really forgot it was there! The check pattern isn’t something I would usually wear – Β in fact, I bought it with someone else in mind. But it looks great in this jacket.
How’s this for helpful fabric? I’ve never seen this before, a nap arrow on the selvage!
The muslin version seems long on Emile, but the final will be about 33″, just enough to cover my tunics, which are usually around 30″ long.
Great details, beautiful slash pockets and collar stand…
(The pictures on the wall are usually straight…all the banging on the roof for the last 12 days has left every picture in the house looking pretty funky!)
The pattern, which I drafted in size 14, fits so well, only a couple changes were necessary.
  • The shoulder is about 3/4″ too long for me at the sleeve head, I will redraft the front and back for the final.
  • The original sleeve is quite narrow in the midsection, which IMO spells disaster once the piece is lined…it’s a somewhat narrow sleeve anyway. I redrafted the pattern to be the same width from shoulder to wrist, before I cut my muslin.

What happens to the muslin? I love it! Since it’s fleece and quite warm with no lining, I’ll fix the shoulder and finish it. It only lacks hems and buttons. And when it’s on me, not on Emile, the check fabric doesn’t droop πŸ™‚

Parting roof update! It’s done…



Hope everyone has a nice week…Ciao! Coco

17 thoughts on “The Pattern Review Lined Jacket Contest – Muslin is complete!

  1. It's also great to make a muslin that you can also use – looks fantastic. Can't wait to see your next version. It is a nice pattern – some of the Burda “Young” patterns are really more youthful than young – which is just what we need πŸ™‚


  2. Mary, thanks so much. I ended up loving it too, but really did use this fabric because it didn't appeal to me. Then it worked out so well, I was astounded. I loved your post on screen printing.


  3. Thanks, Bunny. Actually we get a run of 50's and 60's from January to March, perfect for a fleece or other light jacket or coat. And we pretend a lot πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks, Valerie. The fabric really surprised me, I didn't think I'd like it at all.

    Another surprise…the pictures are still crooked as of this morning! and the dust is still everywhere. But I have an excuse…the rebuild in the garage, all the walls that were removed because of the slab leak, is pending. And my hot water heater, washer, and dryer are still in the middle of the garage. More mess and pounding. I'll wait πŸ™‚ Actually I'm getting good at putting off the house cleaning…but not accustomed to cold water for everything.


  5. Thanks, Theresa. Fleece is OK to sew, but I had not reckoned on the plaid matching…took forever. And I bet things really do stick to it, brings a great pic to mind. The V8862 is really pretty, love the waistline and classic look without going nuts with tons of buttons.

    I'm so happy with the roof, but had not realized that the stucco work would be so extensive…will have to repaint the entire house as there is no way to match my 9-yr old pink paint. Oh well, another project! and I got a good price.


  6. This is a muslin? It's so cute. Lovely pattern too, the plaid accentuates the lines.
    It must be a relief to have the repairs finished and I bet you've straightened those pictures!


  7. Plaids are so in right now, and I happen to love them. Kudos for working with fleece too. Not my favorite substance but that is because every bit of wind blown chafe and hay stick to it..FOREVER. What a nice pattern, not one I would have normally looked at twice, but you certainly elevated it. I'm looking into a houndstooth Scottish wool using Vogue 8862, view C I think. The one that doesn't have the hanging center seams… House looks great!


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