Burda Style 7297 – A long wrap robe for October

Oops – it’s November! Oh, well. I love my long wrap robe. My ‘Garment a Month’ for October and for every month until I wear it out! It came out just as I hoped when I wrote about my plans for it back on Oct. 8.



I found a pattern from Burda Style that has almost everything that I needed. It’s long, wraps, has pockets, and, can you believe it, has a belt that is attached at the back waist. The last detail is one I’ve always hoped to find – it’s so pretty and 40’s-looking.

When I studied the pattern pieces, the only issue I anticipated was the depth of the wrap, which was about 4 or 5 inches. I like a robe to really wrap in the front. No peek-a-boo and lots of cozy.

So I spent about 3 hours working with the pattern and my much-loved-soon-to-be-gone cotton robe that’s being replaced by this new one. Turns out the best starting place was the size 16 (I usually sew a size 14). And my only ‘major’ adjustment was for the front wrap.

I added 1.5″ at the shoulder (which it needed anyway to match up with my old robe), and then drafted a new front line, easing out a total of 3.5″ just past the neckline curve. The same 1.5″ were added to the back shoulder all the way to the waist (I was glad to have more room across the back).

The other change was a simple addition of 3″ to the length. In the end, 1.5″ would have been enough – but I think that is very fabric-dependent and will keep the addition for my next robe as well. Just in case!

My robe wraps all the way across and goes to the floor!


It’s really hard to photograph black! But here are some pics I lightened up to show some of the features of the pattern and robe:
Nice big patch pockets! My fabric is a very light weight poly-rayon-spandex jersey knit from
Fabric.com. To guard against pulling at the pocket corners, I boxed the side edge topstitching.


An easy add, not in the pattern – a hanging loop on the inside back neckline!


The back waistband. So pretty. It is actually quilted, I used low-loft poly batting.
Great place for all kinds of fun – monogramming, embroidery…


The inside of the back waistband. Very smooth and comfy.
Edited Nov. 5 to add a note about interfacing for the long neckline/front band and pocket cuff: I used Pellon EK130 easy knit fusible interfacing. Sometimes I just use lightweight nonwoven interfacing with knits, but it would have been too structured for this fabric and garment.
I can hardly believe I actually finished something. Between the re-roof, the slab leak, the water damage and mold, and the rebuild of my garage – not to mention 18 days without hot water and my washer & dryer – I’ve been kind of  unable to settle down to anything for very long. I am very grateful for silence and the complete absence of any workmen at my house! End of whinge …
And I really love my new robe.
Ciao! Coco

21 thoughts on “Burda Style 7297 – A long wrap robe for October

  1. Thanks, Mary. And you're right, I'll do my best to wear it all day long! 18 days…it was awful. The hot water heater and washer/dryer were in front of the walls that were damaged by the leak. So they had to be moved out of the way. I don't mind bathing with the birds, but washing my hair in cold water was not so much fun. And I haven't hung lingerie to dry in my bathroom since I used to hang-dry pantyhose when I was working. Looked like 'I love Lucy' in there 🙂


  2. Thanks so much, Sarah. It's been crazy around here! But I love to sew and blog – and read blogs. It was so frustrating to have so many things interrupting my days 🙂


  3. Lovely robe! The back makes it. Practical, beautiful and no doubt about it, comfortable. Looks like mornings will have to expand to allow for an extra cup of java!


  4. What a stunning gown – so fluid and beautiful and it suits you so nicely. I love all the details you post about how you make a garment – I enjoy your Pattern Review reviews too. You have done well considering all the things going on at your place recently 🙂


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