My December Garment of the Month!!

Well, it was New Year’s Eve yesterday – so I must be forgiven for being a day late with my December garment (we’ll forget about the 30 days preceding that…). Actually I took photos this morning after about 10 hours of sleep, even the fireworks did not keep me up!

Still half asleep – great hairdo, Coco!

My December garment is this little top based on Liesl Gibson’s Late Lunch Tunic. I blogged the original version, complete with collar, on Coco’s Loft in early December. The big change I’ve made is to remove the collar and make a v-neckline. I really like this look.

I noted in my earlier blog that I had added an inch to the bodice, front and back, because I’m a little taller than the pattern contemplates. Did not want the front gathers smack across my bust! And I added the fourth button as a result.  I also took the 1″ off the hemline, as the tunic is a generous length.
Love this cute fabric, a very soft and lightweight poly-rayon jersey from So soft that I took the precaution of adding a little stabilizer… I used Pellon easy-knit fusible interfacing in the yoke linings, and twill tape in the shoulder seam allowance of the back lining. I pretty much always stabilize the shoulders in a knit top. Wright makes a 1/4″ polyester twill tape in white and black that works perfectly in a small seam allowance.


And now it’s truth time – those big buttons will be coming off, little ones going on, and this comfy top is going in my PJ drawer! Not what I intended – but it’s just a little too light and sheer for street-wear.


My wishes to all of you, my dear friends, for a happy, healthy new year that brings you peace, joy, challenge, contentment, fulfillment, wonderment, and prosperity in equal measure.

Ciao! Coco

15 thoughts on “My December Garment of the Month!!

  1. Love it! I'm with you about the big buttons coming off if you are using as a PJ's or lounge wear. I keep meaning to get to this pattern and also to have another go at the Portofino dress/tunic from Lisette. Happy New Year to you!


  2. Happy new year. It's a completely different look without the collar – I didn't even recognize the pattern! Even if it's destined to be a PJ top, at least it will be comfy and well sewn 🙂


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