The fleece coat is coming along…


I’ve been busy! Cannot believe how much work has gone into this little coat. The loft has seen a lot of ripping out, re-sewing, staring…

Speaking of staring – see how the waistline seams don’t meet up? Believe me, the bodice pieces were cut and sewn the same. Even sewn in the same direction. But somewhere along the way, adding the facing, topstitching, maybe just the material itself where a piece was cut – something changed.

I don’t know how I would manage without my trusty dress form Emile. Β Or my shoulder ham, seam roll, Clover seam ripper, pressing cloth (a scrap of calico), or razor edge scissors! OK, my reading glasses as well…

But it’s almost done! I still have that waistline to fix, and lots and lots of thread ends to tie and hide. And I need to go back and remove the inseam pockets πŸ™‚ You can’t see them, but they are there. I decided to do patch pockets instead. They break up the long long front skirt and are much easier to get into.

It does get a little boring to work on grey fleece all the time – so I’ve been sewing some long sleeve tee’s, all from very lightweight knit (the four in the front next to Mr. Monkey). Almost ready for a photo shoot, just need pressing – and for me to get off my lazy backside, comb my hair and take some pics!

Hope everyone is well, and enjoys a nice weekend. My son’s birthday is tomorrow – 45. How can that be!!

Bye for now – Coco

12 thoughts on “The fleece coat is coming along…

  1. I think you're right, Theresa. It explains all the threads on the floor and the light that was on when I went upstairs in the morning…And I have fallen in love with the coat, super soft and really different looking.


  2. Oooo – a boutique! I admit I did turn and space the hangers, color me a bit obsessive πŸ™‚ And you're right, some sewing is just beyond frustrating. This one is not that bad. I've had two that I actually binned!


  3. It happens at night while you sleep. There are seam trolls and they come in and make things too short or uneven. I hear them sometimes
    playing around in my sewing closet. There must be some sort of trap, or maybe a pair of scissor faeries can take care of them and put them where they always hide the dang scissors! I bet it's going to become a favorite garment though, I know I would love to have that around to put on. Good looking T's too!


  4. Isn't it weird that some sewing goes without a hitch and some are just dogged by problems? Your Ts hanging in a row looks like a posh boutique….such excellent colour coordination.


  5. I admire your patience with the fleece coat, and the t's look lovely. Can't wait to see that review. My grandson turned 6 today and I turn 63 tomorrow. Capricorns are great people, smile. I can't believe that you have a 45 year old son either!


  6. Coco, material can do weird things in the construction. I'd be tempted to applique a belt on top of the waist seams rather than try to unpick it all. p.s.You have a 45 year old son? Wow. I don't know how my DD got to be 30 either πŸ™‚


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