Thank you is never enough…

A Sudden Gust – Three Friends by KJ Carr

But it’s a start. For all the stories you shared and support you gave me when I wrote about my journey with morphea – thank you. Hugs, big hugs, pieces of my heart. I wish I could do more, talk with you, tell you in person. Hear more of your life, and spend time together.

You have touched me in so many ways. I am comforted and energized, and I feel your friendship. What gifts! You are extraordinary. With love and gratitude, Coco

3 thoughts on “Thank you is never enough…

  1. I tried several times to comment but could not seem to come up with anything that had not already been eloquently expressed. I have long admired your sewing but I now also admire your courage in dealing with this Morpheus. Keep on keeping on Coco. We need you!


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