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When I used this cute cartoon last month in a post about summer pj’s, I started something – I began to need a new mattress. Badly. I wanted all of those mattresses.

But what a chore to shop for a mattress. I kind of hate, despise, and abominate mattress stores. And department store mattress showrooms.

So I shopped online, the mattresses are so clean!

I knew I wanted a foam mattress, I’ve been sleeping on latex foam for 7 years and love it. And I wanted a firm mattress without a deep plush top. The (expensive) mattress that I’m replacing has a 3″ quilted plush top that grooved pretty quickly where I sleep. It aged the mattress much too soon.

Lots of surfing later, I found an interesting option – the DreamFoam Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. It’s made with Talalay latex*, and each mattress is made to order. I’m not going to get all commercial here, just noting whence it came ’cause I like it 🙂

My queen-size mattress was delivered today. All 81 lbs. of it. Crazy!

I plopped it on the bed and started cutting across the layers of plastic wrapping.

After about six layers, I reached fabric, and suddenly it began to expand. It was fun to watch!
A couple more snips and voila! Elapsed time less than 2 minutes. 
It will finish filling with air in the next 24 – 48 hours, but it feels wonderful already. And does not smell at all.
Meanwhile, I’ve left these guys in charge.

Ciao! Coco

* Talalay is actually a very interesting non-petroleum, ‘organic’ process for the production of latex foam  Here’s a link to Wikipedia

12 thoughts on “Easy to amuse…

  1. Ah, Mr. Lamb. His name is Chester, made by Russ Berrie. I got him in a hospital gift shop years ago when mom was having back surgery, and brought him home when he was orphaned in March 🙂 Just love him. Russ made an 8″ and a 10″, he is the latter. I saw some on ebay (including some that look like knockoffs for a very low price). Guess he's a collectible now. And seems to enjoy sitting on the bed with Boy, my Boyd's bear of some 20+ years who was sitting on top of a china cabinet in a little shop in the N.C. mountains. You just never know where or when you'll pick up a new family member.


  2. Thank you Coco! By the way, that lamb in the last picture…how do I ask this…is he boughten, which isn't even a real word, or did you make him? He is the cutest lamb I have ever seen!!!!


  3. Hi Judi! I giot the dreamfoam ultimate mattress on Amazon for more than 50% off with free shipping! It is not on the BB site but is made by them, might take a look if you go shopping 🙂


  4. The Talalay process looks interesting and it must make a difference because I have always found latex to smell chemical and feel horribly hot, so I go the opposite way and pay anything to have a non latex mattress with old fashioned springs.
    Different things suit different people..


  5. Hi! This is not memory foam! I know what you mean, I had a memory foam pillow. Latex is much cooler. Plux the top 3″ are high density foam. Really a neat mattress.


  6. How is the foam for heat? Our last mattress we had to get a no-pillow-top, no-memory-foam because I would get so hot during sleeping on the memory foam that I felt like I would spontaneously combust.


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