New Look 6889 Tank dress with a flare

Rested (the new bed works great!) and sewing like crazy. This was a really fun project, one I’ve been thinking about for ages. Because I’ve lusted after this Santiago dress from Soft Surroundings for about that long…

But finding a pattern was not easy. Most tank dress are either A-line or slim below the waist. I was looking for volume! Recently I’ve seen a couple reviews of  New Look 6889 –  and surprise, fuller skirts on a ‘almost’ tank dress!

Another view, then on to sewing notes…
45/55 rayon/linen blend fabric from Fashion Fabric Club
Those notes, using View B as my starting point:
I really did want a tank top look. I don’t go for exposed bra straps and am not going without one! Which meant redrafting the neckline. 
I used the neckline from McCalls 6280 tank dress to redraw the neckline. I also moved the dart down 1.5″, a usual adjustment for me on Big Four patterns.
McCalls 6280


The pattern has center seams, with the fullness all around. I wanted the fullness to be more on the sides, which meant redrafting the skirt. 
I did this by (1) eliminating the center front and center back seams, placing the patterns on the fold of the fabric. (Yes, it did remove some curve in the back seam, but I was willing to let that go). And (2) removing the center ‘flare’ from the tissue and taping it to the side seam.

To the floor please. Did you get to catch the dance group ‘Burn the Floor’? Oh gosh, if you can, see them. Incredible, thrilling, vibrant dancing, very Latin, African, Spanish, Caribbean mix. My daughter took me several years ago, thank you, dear girl.
I’m very pleased with the result! It’s not as fitted as the Santiago dress, but I didn’t really expect or want it to be – I like long and elegant, but also loose and comfortable, a combo-style.
Oh – surprise! I never really left the 80’s. I’m still in love with tie-back dresses. They give that tapered look without taking away ease. So I added ties to this one. 
These were easy to do:  I cut 2.75″ x 29″ strips, sewed them WS together, turned and then topstitched all round. I attached them about a half inch above my natural waistline, on a very slight angle.
I added side-seam pockets as well  – how else to achieve that ‘model look’ slouch. And totally off subject, I’ve been meaning to mention these chalks, from Nancy’s Notions. Very nice quality. 
It was beginning to rain at this point, only ten in the morning, but we are into our wet season now. I couldn’t be happier! I just put down about a gazillion pounds of fertilizer in the garden, so the rain is welcome.
Bye for now! Coco

26 thoughts on “New Look 6889 Tank dress with a flare

  1. Thanks, Judy. Such a great catalog for ideas, I just sit here and tear out pages! It and Sundance are why I started my Pinterest boards, needed to put these ideas somewhere besides in a pile on the sofa!


  2. Thanks, Theresa. So strange – I don't wear blue very often. I love tropical blues mixed in with prints, but shy away from solids. Almost never wear navy. But this one is OK with me! Hope you like the chalk, I looked everywhere for it, it's great.


  3. Beautiful dress — thanks for the detailed explanation of adjustments! I love many of the items in the catalog too. So nice to see proof that they can be made to order at home! Wonderful summer comfort!


  4. What a lovely make Coco and the color is just perfect on you. Down there in FL it will be season spanning no doubt too in that deeper shade. I can see it with a pretty cardi or bolero or shawl come Sept. I'll have to get over to Nancy's for some of that chalk. Thanks for the tip.


  5. I seem to fall in love with most of the things in the Soft Surroundings catalog. You have make a beautiful version of the dress. The color is very pretty and the volume screams “cool” to me. You wear it well!


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