Leaning in…Pinterest on the Loft!

I never thought I would join the sharing world of Pinterest…it just seemed so unnecessary and so not me.

But I take it back. For a while now I’ve been using Evernote to capture pics of garments and styles that catch my attention. And to annotate them with notes on possible patterns and fabrics.

And I have notebooks with thumbnails of all the fabrics in my stash, same for my pattern inventory and my knitting patterns, croquis for everyone for whom I sew, plans for blog posts, recipes, a wish list of patterns, on and on…

Gosh, I’m a self-contained Pinterest world already! I just wasn’t sharing. But I look for the share widget online all the time, mostly to send things to friends or family. Click.

So I’ve added Pinterest to the Loft, down on the right side banner. And I’ll add the Pin It sharing widget to posts in the future.

Only two boards, ‘Statements’, style that appeals to me, along with pattern ideas, and ‘Indulgences’,  more in the accessory line, maybe over-the-top, luxuries large and small, fun to have. Click here for a quick look!

Would love your feedback, hope you enjoy.

Ciao! Coco

22 thoughts on “Leaning in…Pinterest on the Loft!

  1. My holdup with Evernote (I was taking photos of all my patterns front and back with my iPhone) is the photos taken with my phone were too large and used up all my space. I have since downloaded an app (FE Snap) to get around that but haven't used it yet. Did you have that problem? If so, how did you get around it? In other words, I'm asking you to do a blog post on how you use evernote:)


  2. Thanks! It's kind of what I have in mind to do for the Loft's boards, really fun and I hope having pattern suggestions will add something a little different and helpful.


  3. I love Evernote! It does all the things you mention – sorting, tags, my life is on it. Plus it syncs across all my netbooks, laptop, IPad, and Imac. And I don't have to be connected to the internet to use it since it keeps a local copy in addition to the main one online. Really a lot different. Gosh, I sound like an ad for Evernote! I like Pinterest as kind of an extension to the Loft, and it is fun to see what other people are up to, it does read like a magazine!


  4. I like Angela's description of Pinterest being her personal magazine. I also tend to use it as a visual bookmarking system, so much easier to find what I am looking for when there is a photo and description of the pin to remind me. Love it. Welcome to Pinterest!


  5. I love Pinterest and have a huge board of good quality sewing tutorials, another of pattern drafting, etc. It is a great place to have my “notebook”.


  6. I have to confess to being a pinterest-lover! I downloaded evernote and meant to be organized like you are, but have not gotten there yet. The only thing I wish pinterest could do is move things around or sort through your boards. I think of pinterest as my own personal magazine:)


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