BurdaStyle A-Line Tank Dress 06/2011 107B

A little something different – when have you seen me use a belt! But this dress looks so nice with one. And before I go any further, yes, Burda calls this a tank dress, even though it has dropped shoulders and a v-neck.

Overlooking the name, I really like the clean lines, bust darts, and wide shoulders. And I think this little dress is a perfect blend of style and ease for hot summer months. Hot, hot, hot – we’ve had temps in the 90’s for weeks now – that’s really unusual for my area of Florida. On the up-side, we’ve had rain every day, so the foliage and plants are incredibly beautiful and lush. And the Everglades are so full and healthy.

Notice, though, that I’m still avoiding photo sessions outside 🙂

A few pics on Emile:
A nice, high back that’s cut on the fold, so no center back seam.

The shoulders are only slightly dropped – IMO, very pretty.

The neckline has back and front facings, which make it very easy to get a clean finish on the point of the v-neck.

My sewing notes – for once, I did not make a lot of changes!
  • My fabric is Poppy Red cotton from Kanvas Studio’s Tempo Collection. I’m in love with this print and had the fabric for several months while I looked for a pattern that would showcase it. It’s retailed as a quilting cotton, but has the hand and weight of a premium calico. Sews very nicely and does not wrinkle easily. It also held it’s very bright color in the pre-wash without running!
  • I dropped the bust dart 1.5″ and lowered the endpoint of the dart by 7/8″.  The darts were really perky!
  • Sizing: I drafted size 38 from the bust dart up, and size 40 below the dart, curing out to size 42 at the hips and carrying the A-line through to the hemline. 
  • While I’m happy with the size 38 choice for the upper bodice and back, I did find that the shoulder seams angled down a bit too much for comfort. They made the arm openings just a little tight when I raised my arms or reached forward. Since I used 1/2″ seam allowances, I was able to loosen the angle, and I’ll adjust my tissue for future versions.  
  • The hemline – I added 3″, which is just about right with the 1 1/4″ hem. 
  • I added 2-piece in-seam pockets, rather than attach the pocket lining to the dress front.
When I went looking for a belt, I was shocked. The only skinny belt left in my wardrobe is a snakeskin pattern. I’ve gotten slack in my retirement. I can only say that two new leather belts, one black and one tan, are already on their way from Overstock. Wow.

 Here’s a pic without the belt – maybe it would work better in a solid. It just feels stuffy to me!

I spent the last two weeks in Ft. Myers and have been home for just a couple days. Ashley and D. had a wonderful time at DragonCon in Atlanta (Ashley was a pirate in the DragonCon parade). Once home, she went in hospital for a scheduled surgery – she’s home and doing great. They stay so busy!

My sweet sewing helpers and constant companions, Callisto and Nikita (they are sisters):

It does feel good to be home. I’ve been cutting fabric and taping together some new patterns I downloaded from BurdaStyle. Just my speed. 
Bye for now – Coco

24 thoughts on “BurdaStyle A-Line Tank Dress 06/2011 107B

  1. Mary, thanks so much. I thought of you while making this. Kind of thought it would work for you too. And could not believe how easily the neckline came together. The pattern is really well drafted (once the dart points came down 🙂


  2. Thanks, Sara. Actually, your use of belts on shifts has inspired me. I need to get a double one. Those kitties…they are great. So personable and they really like me! Nikita arranges my serger threads for me every night…


  3. Melody, thanks so much. I think of you all the time up there in Alaska. Just watched an episode of Life Below Zero! Looking forward to your photos outside in the snow 🙂


  4. Thanks, Anne. This one was so easy and I was due for a success…I tossed two garments in the last two weeks that were a mess! Notice I don't blog those 🙂


  5. It's pretty with or without a belt. That pattern is perfect for the poppy print. I think a solid fabric would be nice too, like maybe “a little black dress”??? Your helpers are beautiful.


  6. This is very smart on you! I saw this pattern originally and didn't give it a second thought at the time but you've made it very stylish. I'll have to rethink it.


  7. What a nice compliment, Val! I spend a lot of time just cruising patterns and envisioning what I could do with them. My favorite kind of shopping – almost free and never expensive!


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