Burda Style Athletic/Bomber Jacket!

Gosh, it seems like forever since I posted.  I just haven’t been well. Short hospital stay the first week of October, and it has taken a while to get back on my feet. Aargh.

When I came home, Ashley and D. ‘moved’ the loft downstairs into the dining area, and I’ve actually enjoyed a little sewing. And today Emile took on some modeling for me.

This bomber jacket is so cute – Burda Style calls it an athletic jacket, maybe because the sleeve is not set-in. I’ve been wanting to sew one for months, but just couldn’t settle on a pattern.

Burda Style 05/2014 #110

I finally chose this pattern, out of the many out there, for a couple reasons: it’s unlined, and it has a round neck with no ribbing. I think the ribbing on my neck would make me crazy 🙂

I also thought I might be able to adapt the band on this pattern for a button band, since I don’t use zippers. In the end, I just redrafted the front edge:

  • I extended the front and front self-facing by 1.5″ to form the button band area. 
  • And added the ‘classic’ button square at the ends of the waistband ribbing.

Another change I made…I ended up using faux welt pockets. I originally sewed in the pocket bags, but didn’t like them. So chop chop!

Inside views..

I used a corded denim, which is a little stiff at this point after only one washing. It’s a little ravelly, so all the seams are serged or bound.

Loving these button snaps…

Behind every good button snap there’s a good tool, and believe me, this one is worth every nickel it cost me. It does all the work – I’m so excited to have this hunk of metal! Many many thanks to Anne, at Clothing Engineer, who has a wonderful review and tutorial on the use of this fantastic tool.

Pres-n-Snap, from Sailrite
15mm ring snaps, Pacific Trimming

I’m going to put snap buttons on everything!!

One last sewing note. I didn’t go for ribbing – I used remnant cotton/spandex jersey knit for my cuffs and waistband – works like a charm. 
This was an interesting project, but it turns out that this grey jacket doesn’t match anything in my wardrobe! So funny…
Ciao! Coco

37 thoughts on “Burda Style Athletic/Bomber Jacket!

  1. Well, here's to being on the mend and sewing and blogging again! Your bomber jacket is wonderful and I'm sure you'll come up with something that matches! I love putting snaps on most everything too. MUCH easier than button holes. 😉


  2. Oh, ice cream sounds perfect. I hope you are feeling better as well, beyond tea and soup. Hope you do look at this thing, it's so neat, and the snap buttons come in colors!!


  3. oh, this is such a cute jacket, and your work is so nice. That tool looks pretty impressive-I must go follow that link as I love snaps also. Glad you are feeling better-continue to take care of yourself. I prescribe ice cream each evening.


  4. So sorry about your health, Coco. I hope you are feeling much better. I love your jacket! I too, dislike zippered jackets because they chew up my scarfs. The snaps are a great solution.


  5. Get well soon Coco! Your jacket looks very comfortable. I am impressed with the snaps. I find them very hard to get right. Maybe I need that massive tool thingy!


  6. Coco – sorry to hear you have been unwell. I am glad you are recovering. And to have pulled off such a wonderful jacket too. That jacket is fabulous.

    Look after yourself and keep getting better.


  7. So sorry that you've been ill. Hope that you feel better with every passing day. That jacket is great and has very interesting style lines and your snaps are perfect! Fingers crossed that we continue to have weather that allows you to wear it.


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