New Look 6323 Tunic in ‘Lagoona’ green…

My Craftsy lagoon emerald green Laguna stretch fabric came in the mail so fast that I was in a big hurry to do something with it. But it came with a surprise – it’s a 4-way stretch, which I didn’t realize when I ordered it. I have a bunch of it – 5 yards! How many leggings is that?

Anyway, I decided to use some of it to muslin a New Look pattern I found this week and had to have. Downloaded it, printed it, and now view B is sewn!

I love the look of that gathered back.

I’ve been looking for something like this! From my Evernote Inspiration file, three tunics from JJill:
I sort of collect patterns with fun backs. 
I sewed the top layer of this Katherine Tilton pattern as a tunic with a flounced front

McCalls 6996

Liesl Late Lunch Tunic – as a tunic and then as a fleece coat

Vogue 8817 – this front is a great one to match up as well. Planned.

Style Arc Rowe’s Tunic – sewn but not blogged. I like the back, but not the dress or top!

Butterick 5533 – sewn in fleece with the U-back , love it. I should blog this cute jacket. 
Sewing notes:
– I made a size Large in this pattern, and it’s a little big on me. I think it’s due to the 4-way stretch in the fabric – it grew 🙂 I’ll see how the next one goes.

– One design change: I lowered the front of View B to be level with the back, using the front of View D. Say that 3 times! If you do this, note that you need to redraft the back sides a little bit, because they are high as well. I brought them down about an inch and cured/redrew the back hemline.

– The fabric sewed fairly well. I used an elastic (lightning) stitch on the long seams and hems. Straight stitching, even with a walking foot, tended to stretch out a bit. I did use a straight stitch to flat-fell the shoulder seam and apply the neckline binding. 
– I started my test swatches with a jersey needle but switched to a ballpoint. Incredibly, the jersey needle punched visible holes in the fabric rather than slip past the threads. Must have been all that lycra.
I think the rest of the lagoon green Laguna will be used for PJs. It’s very soft and comfy.

Hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend. Stay safe in the snow, please, those of you who can’t see above the drifts…Ciao! Coco

13 thoughts on “New Look 6323 Tunic in ‘Lagoona’ green…

  1. Coco, thank you for the reminder about this pattern!! I bought this to make and forgot about it…too many patterns… This tunic is really cute on you, and looks comfy too, which is requirement #1 in my book!


  2. I would say you got the perfect match for your JJill inspiration tops! Those New Look patterns don't scream for attention, but have a lot to them. I love that color on you!


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