Aeolian Tee – and more Laguna blue…

Before I get into the Laguna blue tee (I’m doing my best to use up this fabric), I’ll share a pic from the wedding, walking in with my son… The photographer has sent a few teaser photos to Ashley, but it’s only been a few days. This was taken by a guest.

I’m planning a post on my dress once I get more pics.

Inspiration – Anna at Blogless Anna and Lara at Thornberry have sewn some absolutely delightful versions of this tee! Theirs are beautiful prints, both knits and wovens. I’ve been really anxious to give this a go, but have been consumed by MOB dress stuff. Ah. It did feel good to tape 32 pages of paper together last night and sew up a muslin this morning 🙂

Fabric: Emerald Robert Kaufman Laguna stretch jersey from Craftsy

The pattern is very simple. Boxy, with straight sides, wide raglan sleeves, and deep hems. Nice, and a very quick sew. Check out all the lengths!

There are some mysteries here. Like the size ranges:

S = 6 – 10   (10 bust is 35.5″/91cm)
M = 6 – 14  (14 bust is 37 5/6″/101cm)
L = 10 – 18

Finished bust measurements aren’t given, but it’s pretty easy to get them from the tissue. I sewed the short tee in size Medium – the finished bust measurement is 45.5″. That’s a lot of ease for me, knit or woven, but I went with the ‘boxy’ definition.
The length of the garment is given but it’s from the highest point of the shoulder, ‘HPS’, where the shoulder and neck join. For the short tee in Medium, it’s about 25″/63cm. For the traditionalists among us, I measured the finished length from the back neck edge, came in at 24″/61cm.

I love the deep hems on this tee and will borrow the technique on future makes. I decided to use a decorative topstitch just to break up some of this bluuuue. I serged the hem edge first, and topstitched right on top of the serging from the right side. 

Sewing Notes:
– I left off the back facing. Cannot figure a purpose for this, and it adds bulk to the back sleeve and neck seams.
– And did not use iron-on interfacing on the neckline. More bulk. I stay-stitched the neckline edges just inside the seam line.
– I used a neckline binding rather than a neckband. Just personal preference, because the inside stitching on neckbands irritates my skin.
Well, not much of this fabric left. This muslin is now in my PJ drawer, it really is nice and soft. The pattern? hmmm. I also have the Patterns for Pirates Raglan pattern – I have a suspicion it’s really similar! Something is drawing me to these patterns, so I’ll give this some think time and go through my stash for some fun fabrics to try.
Ciao! Coco

11 thoughts on “Aeolian Tee – and more Laguna blue…

  1. This turned out to be a great pattern for a PJ top! I've made 3 more – so comfy. And they sew up in a snap because of the raglan sleeve.


  2. Love the Tee. It looks uber comfy, and like it won't touch me in any of those places that irritate my skin. Nice job. (I have a 2 yard chunk of buhluuue organic cotton jersey that I haven't been able to make anything out of. One of those cases of ordering on line,,,a lovely blue on my computer. Very, very buhluuue when it got here. I've washed it 4 times to try to “tone it down”. PJs might just be the answer!)


  3. Oh, I can't wait to see more wedding pics. This “teaser” of you and you son is so sweet! Love the thought of this Tee in our upcoming hot, Texas summer……….thanks for the review……..oh, I think think it makes a perfect PJ top too!


  4. Thanks, Judi. My son makes me look short! which I'm not. He's just tall 🙂 So is Ashley. I like the tee as well, it's really easy to wear. But I think a print will make me love it more. And maybe shorter.


  5. Thanks so much, BeaJay. The skirt is an easy make, just a rectangle with a yoga waistband. I think I googled for a pattern for it, have a couple now. Comfy!


  6. Thank you, Angela. It's one of Ashley's fav colors, I just can't get used to so much emerald blue 🙂 I've been sewing pj's like crazy this year. Those drawers are looking better, it is nice to pull out fresh bottoms and tops every day!


  7. I love this color on you. Adding to your pj drawer is a good thing:) My pj drawer is devoid of anything cute. One of these days I'm going to have to remedy that.


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