The Scout Tee revisited

Spring! Time to revisit the Grainline Studio Scout Tee. I made it a couple years ago and kind of moved on. Yes, it was hard looking at all the Scouts that were being sewn and reviewed back then. But without a bust dart, the tee just didn’t fit me well. Other patterns beckoned.

A few days ago, I was going through my white blouses (my favorite color for tops) and decided I need a couple more. Something in a cool cotton, but with a bit of a sleeve. Lightbulb moment – why not work on the Scout Tee.

Adding a bust dart is really easy. Slash 3 times, spread, and cure – the Fit for Real People method. The pics below are from a tutorial on BurdaStyle, which uses the same method.

My only additional change was to narrow the side seam towards the bottom edge.

The sleeve alteration is easy as well. Jen has a tutorial for it on Grainline Studio! My new sleeve is 15″ long, measuring from the top shoulder notch, and includes a 1.25″ hem allowance.

Oh, I also cropped the tee – turned it up 4.5″. 

Fabric: Paper White cotton broadcloth shirting from Fabric Mart. The skirt is a cotton jersey tribal print from Girl Charlee. And the pink hat is from CVS!

I really like this cropped look for summer skirts and  pants. Other things happening…changes in the garden (with help!).  I’ve been slowly filling in the ‘warm’ end of the garden – 3 additional areca palms,  a couple epidendrum radicans ground orchids, heliconia, and flax. I also put 11 philodendron bipinnatifidum in front of the fence. Funny, the birds don’t like the white fence – but the philo’s will be big and full in no time. This is Florida!

Bye for now – Coco

12 thoughts on “The Scout Tee revisited

  1. This skirt just grabbed my attention. I'm really loving it. The top is really interesting as I love the alterations which include the sleeve length that I'm starting to really enjoy. You're really ready for this weather with these lovely outfits.


  2. You are rocking the cropped top look that is so popular for spring. The top really looks nice over the maxi skirt. This pattern reminds me of the “shell” top patterns from the 80″s. It was the top to wear under a suit back then, Just goes to show how classic and versatile it is.


  3. White fences and white tops, both look clean and cool and so easy to dress up! I think the scout tee pattern has been one of my favorites. I've done more with that pattern using it as a “block” than any other pattern. Yours looks lovely. The maxi skirt is very flattering too. Great print!


  4. Don't you look ready for a glass of tea while you watch the gardeners put in all those plants. 🙂 I love the outfit, and am lusting after the skirt. Thanks for the info on adding a bust dart.


  5. A winner with the new top for sure! Great summer outfit. I used to have a pink hat like that, but I wore it out (dirtyed it up dong gardening and mowing). Need to find another–I'll check CVS!


  6. A great, clean-looking top! I like your CVS hat. I have a favorite pair of flip-flops (now about worn out) that I got at a grocery store:) One thing I miss about Florida is all the bright flowers. Flowers are harder to come by here in North Texas. They tend to be smaller and closer to the ground.


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