Vogue 8712 Marcy Tilton Ankle Pants…gone culottie

I think the full moon over Miami has me wide awake – I took these pics as soon as the sun rose today.

 So – culottes. Oh gosh, I thought we got over these years ago. But no. They’re everywhere, at least on pattern and fashion sites. Strange though, I haven’t seen them on anyone around town. hmmm

I’m game. But rather than buy a new pattern, I pulled out one I own, but just couldn’t love enough to sew…a Marcy Tilton pant with some pretty funky ankle treatments.

Without the ankle cuffs, they really look like culottes!
I made view AB, which has an interesting and comfortable pocket. My fabric is a stretch cotton sateen from Fabric Mart. Note: I don’t like tan or chino or khaki britches! Just me – now that I’m retired, there are some things I’m free to leave in the past – like khaki suits. I bought this fabric thinking I’d make a jacket, but it worked well for this muslin. And I’m glad to get it out of my stash!
Sewing notes:
  • Sewed size 14, my usual Vogue size.
  • Seam allowances used: 1/2″ side and waist seam, 5/8″ in the crotch.
  • Because the pattern is somewhat short in the rise, I added a waistband. I cut the band at 3″ x 42″ across grain, fitted it to the pants, and used 1″ braid elastic
  • The finished side seam measures 31″ from the bottom of the waistband.

I like them. Now I’m thinking of purchasing a ‘real’ culottes pattern, perhaps this one from BurdaStyle. Love the leopard and think florals would be fun as well:
BS Midi Culottes 04/2015 #113A

Parting shots: someone came over to model with me…

Hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend. Ciao! Coco

21 thoughts on “Vogue 8712 Marcy Tilton Ankle Pants…gone culottie

  1. a) I really enjoy seeing the wonderful clothes you sew. You are definitely a creative inspiration.
    b) I really, really enjoy seeing your pictures out in your garden. It's fun to see the varied vegetation so different from my dry, southwest clime.


  2. Thank you, Audrey. The crotch note is interesting – if I get the Burda pattern, I'll check it out. I always have to add to the crotch rise on pants, so I'll know for sure!


  3. I have been thinking about making a pair of culottes. Your pair looks great and encourages me. They were very versatile and comfortable back when they were in style before. I found an article that said they are supposed to have a longer crotch rise than pants so it will be interesting to compare a culottes pattern to a pant pattern.


    1. Lina diÃes:Jos£o MarcosMe lembro que leitores já ficaram neste hotel e gostaram. Não o conheço. O ponto é excelente. Se o preço está bom, fique aí.


  4. I'm on the fence abut wearing culottes but they work well on your willowy frame. Burda pattern looks interesting, more the full skirt look. Love your little visitor!


  5. I'm glad to see someone taking the culottes plunge. They look great on you! I'm going to try sewing up a pair this season as well, but like you, I haven't seen them showing up in my part of the world yet. Hope mine turn out as good as yours!


  6. Thanks, Martha. Well, I didn't shorten them…but I'm 5'7″. I've seen them on shorter bloggers, with the cuffs, and they came down really far, almost like long pants. I didn't really know how the length would turn out until I got them together. But it worked out 🙂 I think I would like them a couple inches shorter as well, just a different look.


  7. Bravo! I'm glad someone is still wearing culottes. I like them (or, I used to when I wore a smaller size than I do now but I don't think they look good on me anymore) but it seems like everything I read about them is negative.


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