Me-Made month…at one swipe

May – again. I admit I’m really not into Me-Made-May. No offense meant, but I generally bypass Me-Made posts. Just a personal preference – I enjoy posts about sewing and what folks are making. I’m grateful for the Pattern Review contests – they encourage lots of interesting discussion, even in May.

However, in the spirit of things, I’m sort of joining in – and getting past it in one go. My wardrobe revealed. Aside from intimates, winter coats, sweaters, some jeans, and a couple vintage denim jackets, everything I wear is me-made. So…


Pants and tunics

PJ tops…

and bottoms and gowns
I’m the first one to admit that things get out of hand – no way can I wear all the clothes I make. I sew for the challenge, satisfaction, and joy. Like many sewists, I cull my wardrobe every six months or so, and donate.
And now – back to sewing!
Ciao! Coco

9 thoughts on “Me-Made month…at one swipe

  1. I enjoyed participating when I began sewing for myself seriously. I was eager to see what others did, and also to share my own “makes”. Now, I make so much of my wardrobe, and have so many repeats, that it is not as exciting. I love developing a wardrobe, or capsule, and I love pattern buying, fabric buying for those types of projects. Your closet is really nice, and I recognize some of the things hanging. 🙂


  2. I don't like the documentation part of MMM- I wear mostly my stuff and like you- I have no problem thinning the herd- I like the activity more than the ownership, I guess!


  3. Fabulously colourful closet Coco. I wear my own made clothes too about 90% of the time so M-M-M is not really a challenge for me it's just normal, although I do appreciate that for some people who only sew a little or are just starting out it is a good opportunity.


  4. Wow – so many lovely you made clothes. I must admit that I love seeing the MMM posts and seeing what people wear that they have made. You have made quite a collection.


  5. I so agree with you. To me, sewing is a very enjoyable hobby and like you I have lots of clothes but I get enjoyment and relaxation from each item I make so I am happy with that. I also love buying patterns and fabric.


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