New Look 6381 – Lovely loose knit pants…

 Oh how I love loose clothing…
Especially now that it’s so hot outside. No way will I put on jeans at this time of year!
Cute pattern, with lots of options. New Look is such an interesting pattern line. I really dislike the Simplicity web site, but I make myself look at it just to see what’s up with New Look.
These pants are right up my alley. Loose – they hide anything that I want to hide, and they are a breeze to sew. I sewed a size 16 in an ITY knit.
This is my first pair of these, and I eeked it out from MOB dress leftovers. Yes, this is the fabric I used for the dress I actually wore at Ashley’s wedding in February. I’ll get my hands on the wedding photos next week so I can share more.
The pattern actually calls for an attached 1.5″ elastic waistband. hmmm. I tried it and did not like it! The seam of the elastic and pants just stuck into my waist and made the pants look funky on the outside.  The waistband is really the only change I made to the pattern. I cut out a casing from a black ITY scrap and sewed it to the pants:
Then serged the joining seam to make it nice and pretty…
After inserting the 1.5″ elastic, I used a multi-stitch zig-zag to keep the elastic in place.
So comfortable! And so nice that the elastic doesn’t roll or carry on.
There was no pattern matching going on here. I’m lucky I didn’t end up with one of the big chrysanthemums in an unfortunate place!
A couple notes on sewing with ITY fabric. I suppose it could be entirely sewn on a serger. But I’ve found that doing so tends to draw up/curve the seams a bit more than I like – yes, I can and do adjust the differential, but it’s not always 100% where I want it. For this and other knits, I use an elastic (lightening bolt) stitch to sew the seam…Nice and flat, no pulling.
And then I serge/cut the seam to finish it.
I love how these pants feel. I could probably to down to my usual size 14, but I don’t think it would make a lot of difference. I’m happy with these.
Grainline Scout Tee with a bust dart and sleeves –
Wasabi Kona cotton
About the rest of the pattern – I’ve done a muslin of the skirt in a fabric I really dislike, just enough to know the skirt’s nice. 
And I have plans for it while I’m in Ft. Myers next week… I think I’ll try view B in a printed gauze knit.
I’m very busy picking out things to sew while I’m there with the kitties. And getting them cut out before I go. Cutting fabric on the floor with them is not the easiest way to do it! They help me way too much.
Bye for now…Coco

18 thoughts on “New Look 6381 – Lovely loose knit pants…

  1. Loved your review and all the photos and the tips above. Thank you. I've ordered my pattern so I'll just have to sit back and wait patiently now.
    I discovered this pattern after admiring a fellow Spotlight shoppers pants. They looked great and she said they were very light and cool to wear.


  2. I love these pants on you! My daughter is interested in this pattern for herself. We appreciate your heads up about the elastic waistband, which was something we had wondered about. Your method sounds better:)


  3. Thanks for the tip on keeping elastic from rolling – simple but effective. You are the queen of the comfortable and stylish lounging wardrobe.


  4. I do love those pants. Looks great on you. I agree that sewing with kitties are around can be a chore. They must just plunk themselves in the middle of everything. I used to sew with cats a lot but sadly no more kitties.


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