S1804 – another version, I’m getting hooked…

It’s still July – one more maxi for the 2015 Maxi Dress sew-along. It’s been a fun and very laid-back kind of sew-along. Just my style, and I’ve enjoyed the Facebook group tremendously. Lots of new friends. Some of them blog, and some don’t. It was great. Many thanks to That’s Sew Amy and Sewn by Ashley for hosting the event and getting us together on FB. And on social media, #maxisewalong.
Speaking of one’s style, I made the Simplicity 1804 maxi dress earlier this year, when I was trying out patterns for my Mother of the Bride dress.. I was not at all convinced that I even liked my version. The print on the fabric just didn’t feel like me. Of course, I had ordered 6 yards of it, so I was a little disappointed.

But the pattern is definitely up my alley. Not the strapless version (although it’s very pretty), but the others.

So what happened? I’ve been wearing this all the time, grabbing it when I need to go out and about, and don’t want the bother of a top and bottom. I even like the print now. The fit is fabulous – slightly shaped in the torso, nice gathers under the bust and across the back. It was time for another version, this one in coral and black tribal print cotton jersey from Fabric Mart.

Yes, it is just as bright in person as it appears here – this is definitely orange, not coral, and I love it. Orange, orange, orange…I’m a sucka’ for orange fabric.

As with the first dress, I sewed View B, and trimmed the Medieval point off the sleeve. I really like the resulting, slightly belled, effect.

When I’m not posing, the inside of the sleeve doesn’t peek out…

A few more sewing notes, pretty much the same as for my first version. Since all these changes are already in my working pattern, this was a fast sew – I almost whipped it up!

  • Added 1 7/8″ to bodice length.
  • Raised front neckline 2 3/8″.
  • Lowered back neckline 1/2″.
  • Applied 1/4″ twill tape to the first 4 inches of the shoulder seams, for stabilization.
  • Did not add elastic to the waistline seam.
  • Used tricot knit interfacing in the facings.
  • And finished the edge of facings with 3-thread serging.

Fuzzy photo. I guess the camera sneezed.

Other things…I’ve been knitting again, now that the neuropathy in my hands has receded (thank you, B12 and D25). Knitting is one of my favorite ways to watch TV, since I don’t actually look at the TV – I just listen to it. News, good movies, and programs on NatGeo, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel (plus The Big Bang Theory) are my favorites. And I caught up on a few more seasons of The Wire on HBO, while kitty-sitting earlier this month. Darrin and Ashley have great TV – like, all of it! The Wire reminds me of reading Bonfire of the Vanities, by Tom Wolfe. Captivating.

The knitting in progress is the Quick Sand Cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier, available on Ravelry. It’s a top-down/no-seam sweater, which I love. I used to knit pieced patterns, but no more. I’ve collected circular needles in all kinds of sizes and lengths, and I just knit away.
This is a wonderful pattern, with just enough changes and counting to be interesting but not too demanding.
Here’s something ‘old’ and very appealing. I’m using my Mom’s row counter – it has a very narrow, spring-loaded measuring tape in between the counters. What ingenuity.
Coming soon – the Pattern Emporium Harem pants. Great pattern.
Ciao! Coco

11 thoughts on “S1804 – another version, I’m getting hooked…

  1. Lovely dresses, orange really suits you. And I love your pattern alterations, which make this much more wearable and less lounge wear. I never know why the necklines have to be so low on everything nowerdays.


  2. This dress looks effortlessly lovely. I bet it ends up being a favourite. As for knitting, I bought wool to make a winter hat months ago and haven't even started it..


  3. I do that that is a winning pattern/dress for you! It looks nice and very comfy. I like that sweater pattern. I've promised myself I'll finish the one on the needles (that I haven't worked on in months–it's too hot to have yarn in my lap right now) before starting another. Have you knitted any other of this designer's designs?


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