A little unselfish sewing …

Every once in a while, I sew for someone other than myself. Ok, not a lot, but a little bit. Christmas gifts for sure, and I always make something special for Ashley and Darrin, for their annual trip out to the San Diego ComicCon. This year, Ashley sent me some fabric for a dress – how cute is this! And do you think she likes Hello Kitty…

Darrin got a new rubber loop bracelet, his favorite, in black and gray. Who would have thought – these bracelets are a big hit with my son and grandson as well. In fact, I just got a special order for a couple in Florida Gator orange and blue.

But back to the dress, I’ve made this pattern about 5 times now for my girl. I drafted it several years ago from a pattern that looks nothing like this dress!


And a couple weeks ago, Ashley came over to help me with a surgery. It meant so much to me – she took FMLA from work, and it was such a comfort to have her with me. Not to mention how much she helped me afterwards. Before she came over, I made her a thank-you dress, in a little fancier fabric that she can wear with a shrug for casual Fridays.



(And I’m doing great. Not quite ready to model clothes yet, but almost there.)

Meanwhile, the super-nice person who helps me with yard work and small fix-ups around the house, and his wife, are expecting a little girl, their second child, this month. They’re originally from Morocco, and I think it must be hard not to have any family nearby. I wanted to make something a little different for them, and at first I thought might do little flannel blankets. And then I remembered how popular gauze swaddling blankets are now with new moms. And how perfect for our Florida heat and humidity.

I started with a 5-yard x 44″ wide piece of cotton gauze, which I thought would be enough for 4 blankets, 44′ square. Nooo… when I pre-laundered it and took it out of the dryer, it was 2 feet shorter than when it went in! So enough for three blankies.

To finish the edges, I pressed out about 1″ along the side seams, cut off the selvedges, and simply sewed a double-fold hem all the way around.

After another wash and dry, they are so nice and soft and airy. I want one!


Double Eye Needles

Before I could manage the stairs up to the sewing loft, I indulged in some online shopping – nothing wrong with my fingers! I finally got around to ordering a couple things I really need, both from Nancy’s Notions – what a fun site, it has lots of interesting things I don’t see everywhere.

I love double-eye needles for sinking serger tails back through the stitched seam – and I haven’t found them anywhere else, in shops or online.  I lost one of my two needles somewhere in the sofa a couple weeks ago. Panic. At 2 for $2.75, they are a great tool. They also come in a pack of 10.


Tracing Paper

And I ordered 2 rolls of tracing paper. I really go through this stuff – just give me paper, scissors, and tape, and I’m happy.

These are 77 yards long and 21″ wide, two rolls for $15 (it can be ordered by the single roll as well). What a good buy, much less than I’ve been paying at A.C. Moore. To make this a totally guilt-free little purchase, I also found a free shipping coupon online 🙂
What next? Well, I’m back to sewing now. Before the surgery, I cut out and prepped a few garments – I knew that part would be difficult for a while. Fun stuff – Kathryn Brenne’s new Vogue 9135 jacket, a Wiksten top re-drafted with a little swing, a Kwik Sew 2895 denim jacket, and a Morris blazer in black ponte.
So I’m staying busy and grateful for such an easy recovery.
Bye for now – Coco

12 thoughts on “A little unselfish sewing …

  1. That dress is absolutely adorable. What fun!

    And I had not heard about the use of the gauze for babies. Grand idea! I plan to *borrow* your idea. Hope that's OK.

    So glad you are feeling better too.


  2. Well, glad to hear you are on the mend. Love those swaddling blankets, Now that would be a perfect summer layer blanket for just about anyone! Great dresses.


  3. What a great gift! Up here we swaddle with fleece but I can see how the cotton gauze swaddlers would be perfect and much appreciated in your Florida climate. Very thoughtful gift.


  4. What lovely and fun dresses, I'm sure your daughter loves them. Also the gauze blankets look so lovely, fluffy and white! Another brilliant gift. I hope you feel better soon, and back to selfish sewing. 🙂


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