Kwik Sew 3334 Jacket restyle…

I’ve been watching one of my favorite RTW jackets decline over the last couple years. It’s a red ponte made by Motto and purchased from QVC back when its Motto line was extensive and edgy – I love it. But the red has faded with washings, and the buttonholes are stretched out. Sadness. So I decided to take measurements and pics before it leaves me – and to work on a copycat pattern. 

The original…

I started by looking for a jacket or blouse to use as the foundation for the bodice. Something with a similar neckline, wide-set and low. Enter Kwik Sew 3334, which came out in 2005 and has a lot of helpful reviews on Pattern Review (thank you, fellow sewists!).

I made only a few adjustments to the pattern, all on the tissue before cutting fabric. I’m so brave…but I was using 2 yards of Maggy London ponte de roma that I snagged at $1.99/yard from FabricMart earlier this year. And the pattern can always be replaced. Changes:

  • Removed the dart from the sleeve (I just don’t care for the fit of a darted sleeve in a casual jacket).
  • Straightened the side seams from armscye to the bottom of the bodice.
  • And cut the bodice 5″ below the armscye.
At first, I thought I’d use the notched collar, but after giving it some thought, I decided to go with the shawl collar. Honestly, I thought the notch points might not turn and sit well, given the weight of the ponte. 
As it turned out, I love the shawl collar – it’s beautiful. 
Drafting the skirt part was easy – two fronts and a back, cut as rectangles, with an allowance for a generous facing on the fronts and a deep hem. Rather than use the pleats on the skirt, as on the original, I gathered the fabric under the princess seams and  the back darts.

I also decided to use elbow length sleeves, mostly to balance all that black fabric. With the full-length sleeve, the jacket was dressy and kind of funerary.

I already knew that the buttonholes in ponte might be a continuing issue, so I did some tests to confirm. Below, the original and my results. Aack!
Button snaps were a great solution, and an excuse to use my gigantic snap tool again 🙂 I also like the balance of the snapsets on each side – they definitely raise the casualness factor of the jacket. I didn’t plan any of this beforehand, it just worked out well.

Final measurements – the bodice/skirt seam is 3 1/4″ below the armscye, and the skirt is finished 18″ below that seam.  
I like it! and have already worn it out and about a couple times. It’s super easy to throw on over pants and a tee. I’m planning to do it again in a fun color, orange or marigold, with a gathered and cuffed sleeve. 
Parting shots from the garden:
I have a new plant, one that simply appeared in a couple places over the last couple months. I thought it was a sansevieria and was happy to have it. I love it when a plant volunteers in the garden, brought by birds, the wind, or who knows…
But a few days ago I noticed one of them had bloomed, and the flower did not look like a sansevieria at all. After an hour of research online, guess what – it’s a terrestrial orchid! Check out these tiny little monkey-face flowers. They’re pollinated by ants and rain.
Oeceoclades maculata, aka Monk Orchid, Aftrican Spotted Orchid
It has a fascinating history, with origins in west Africa and emergence in Brazil and the Caribbean in the 1800’s. Apparently it began showing up in south Florida in the mid-1970’s, possibly as an escapee from Fairchild Gardens in Miami-Dade. 
So now I dare anyone to walk on one of them! Or worse, pull it up as a weed. 
Bye for now! Coco

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  1. Thanks so much. Those little orchids are so cute – they kind of look like Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls. Perfect since they bloom in September and October.


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