McCalls 6600 Shirtdress – but a little different

We’ve had 3 or 4 days of beautiful weather – wind, low humidity, and bright blue skies. So I ventured outside late this afternoon to take some pics. Photos outside are so much clearer than those taken inside, at least with my little camera. Plus it’s fun to mess around in the garden. Not a mosquito in sight, which means they’ll soon be gone for the season. Back to the Everglades!

And with the promise of cooler weather just around the corner, I find I’m in the mood for something with a shirtdress vibe. A shirtdress just feels like fall, even here in Florida. So I pulled out this little pattern from McCalls, which I’ve never sewn. I checked my files – I can hardly believe I bought it in February, 2013! Gosh time flies…


I decided to make it into more of a over-sized shirt than a short dress, because I wanted to make something that I’ll really wear. I’m too conscious of the scleroderma on my legs to really enjoy something short. The change was a simple matter of taking 6.5″ off the hem.

Vogue 9114 Kathryn Brenne pants in white target cloth – and shoes for a change!

And I extended the button placket all the way down. This was also an easy alteration, literally an extension of the placket and facing down the full length of the front.

If you squint, you can see that I added a second pocket on the lower left side, it’s the same pattern as the chest pocket. It’s really just for fun.


I love that the back pleat is deep enough to be obvious.

It’s also a little hard to see that this Theory shirting fabric has a very small jacquard weave. It’s 100% cotton and sewed like a dream. It became softer and softer as I worked with it and reminds me of how linen gets when it’s been laundered many times.

I really enjoyed sewing this. Very pleasant. And I’ve already done a second one in striped chambray – I’ll wear it with something soon.

The weekend is almost here – I hope yours is nice and includes some sewing 🙂

Bye for now,  Coco

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