Where have I been!

Well, busy. This is the first of 2 posts I’m doing this weekend. And this one is to encourage you to acknowledge and embrace your health and wellness needs.

If you read my blog regularly – or you’re new here – I have scleroderma. It’s a progressive autoimmune disease that has its way with me. And to ice the cake, I have osteopenia and degenerative bone disease. So I might walk funny or with a cane. Which doesn’t show in my blog pics 🙂

I just counted my medical appointments/ER visits since my last hospital admission in October, 1014. Thirty-five!

Well, 35 is a big number. I see 5 departments at Cleveland Clinic Hospital here in Weston. They’re wonderful, supportive, and encouraging. And they make me come back, which is really important.

My point – and it leads into my next blog post: take care of yourself. If you’re not well, don’t diminish or put aside your concerns. See someone. Get help. And encourage the people you love to do the same.

I’m in it for the long haul. Why not?! Best as ever, Coco

15 thoughts on “Where have I been!

  1. Your positive outlook is an inspiration to me, as well as your supreme sense of style. Life is so precious and it is important to embrace what it brings. I hope you are comfortable and not in pain. I have adjusted my own daily routine to include more rest and less stress. Love you♥


  2. Thank you, Bunny. And you're right, of course – everyone gets a reminder dose at some time or other. What's curious, for me, is that I don't mind it nearly as much as I thought I would, since I have so much help. And then there's the simple process of aging…when I was 30, 50 seemed old. Now that I'm 67, I've revised my thinking 🙂


  3. Thank you so much, Loretta. Your comment really touched me. I sometimes feel that blogging is the most selfish thing I do – it's a gift if someone enjoys it and finds something here.


  4. Thank you for your openness about your illness, cane use, etc. things that could easily be hidden on the web. I applaud your courage in letting us all in on your challenges. We all get them sooner or later and to varying degrees and I thank you for being honest about yours. I wish you the best as you face your challenges.


  5. Hi Coco,
    We all get something to deal with healthwise, some sooner, some later. The test of our journey is what we do as we are passing through it. Your creative sewing blog serves more than one purpose for me and obviously for many others. You have inspired me in so many ways, you have my sincere respect and I am in awe of how you deliver your thoughts. I have been blessed to have stumbled upon your blog!


  6. So well said, and bless you 🙂 Seeking help is not always easy for some of us, but I am also in a position where that's my only option, and I'm incredibly grateful for every one of my own doc appts.!

    Be willing to ask, and receive….and be willing to give, even when not asked… 🙂


  7. I am 54 and have degenerative bone disease and osteoporosis. My husband is 77 and my parents are 77 and 75. I am the caretaker for the three of them and we have an adopted five year old, who started kindergarten this year. I SO u deist and being in it for the long haul and the need to take care of oneself. Wishing you the best!


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