Simplicity 2031 – knit kimono maxi

Well, it didn’t take me long to sew this pattern for myself! I really enjoyed sewing the version I recently made for Ashley. And drafting my size was easy peasy, because I take a shortcut on the skirts of maxi dresses – I simply cut out a rectangle to the length I need. So I only needed the bodice patterns.

It’s so nicely drafted. My only change was to add 3.5″ to the sleeves on this version. No FBA, no length addition on the bodice, no raising of the neckline or narrowing of the shoulder. (A quick note – my bust is almost 4″ smaller around and 2″ higher since my surgery in August. So I’ve gone down from size 14 to 12, in Big 4 patterns. And they fit without adjustments. Happy!)

This fabric is pretty funky. It’s a crushed poly ITY that I picked up from Fashion Fabrics Club a couple years ago. I expected the print to be smaller, and it has taunted me from my stash ever since. This is a big print! and needs something that can carry it. The good part – no way did I try to match it up. I think the vertical repeat must be about 36″.

Once I started working with it, I got another surprise. I picked up the back bodice to staystitch the neckline and found a hole. I didn’t cause this! So I carefully inspected all my pieces and, thankfully, no more holes. In my leftover pieces, I found a line of holes from selvedge to selvedge. Thank goodness I missed them and had enough to cut a new back.

In the back of my mind – is this dress going to rot in place? Actually I think it was probably mechanical damage from fabrication because the holes are identical in shape and size.

The pattern calls for elastic in the bodice/skirt seam, and I included it in Ashley’s dress. But once I put this on, I decided not to use it. Ashley’s is only pinned in, so we can remove it from hers as well if she likes it the same way.

It drapes beautifully in ITY, and I love the sleeves.

I’m wearing a short cami-style undergarment, which just peeks out in the neckline. I don’t usually mention under things or RTW here, but I really like these – Fruit of the Loom Seamless Strappy Sports Bra (although they don’t have compression and or feel like a sports bra). Sold in a pack of 3 for about $26, they’re available from lots of places online. I got mine from HerRoom, which is my favorite place to shop for seamless lingerie.

On another topic, the holidays will soon be here! so I’ve been thinking about what I can make for family. Ashley has requested fingerless mittens to wear while gaming on the computer – fun for me because I’ve probably knitted 25 pairs and used to sell them at craft fairs. And True Bias just came through with the men’s Hudson pants. Yesterday I downloaded the men’s and mini versions – I love to make my son and grandson matching garments. Last year I made them camo board shorts and loop bracelets. I’ll be shopping JoAnns tomorrow for fabric and yarn. My JAs is a great store with wonderful fabrics and lots of very nice and helpful people.


Thank you so much for all the kind comments and wishes on my last two posts. You’re the best – Coco

18 thoughts on “Simplicity 2031 – knit kimono maxi

  1. Hi Margene! I'm glad you found my blog and are enjoying it. I agree – sewing bloggers are such fun to read. I love getting to know my friends through their writing and what they share. Wonderful community.

    And thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Coco


  2. Thanks, Theresa. You stay so busy I can't imagine you taking on another project ! I've finished one glove – I'm sitting here with Ashley and Darrin watching football. All 3 of us have something going on at the same time. Nice times.


  3. You guys really touch my heart 🙂 As for tops on maxi skirts – I get stumped as well. I think I like short tops (not cropped, but ending just below the waistband). I looovvee maxi's and easy wear clothes that are still fun!


  4. Love your new maxi! I may have to make myself one of these. Love a maxi to keep my legs comfortable in the air conditioning. Those kimono sleeves are a perfect length, you can still cook and do dishes, etc. 😉 The print is really perfect for this garment, and looks so good on you. Hope you are feeling well. 💗


  5. Hi Coco, just signed up for your blog. You are the fourth sewists blog I've added this month, my first month discovering all the wonderful women creating style and fit for themselves. Love your latest long dress–wonderful fit in the top, and the rest of the dress. A kimono style can sometimes appear oversized, but yours is perfect. My heart goes out to you and the health journey in your life. I appreciate your words about us all taking care of ourselves. I do work on that, but can do more. So glad you have your blog and sewing interest to keep you going and making friends through your blog. Enjoy the way you present your information and look forward to your future posts. Praying for some better days for you!


  6. Oh how pretty! That is a perfect pairing of graphic fabric and pattern and it looks great on you. I've started my holiday making and egads, I don't think I'm gong to have time to knit anything, but if I did, it would be fingerless gloves. I adore them myself.


  7. I agree with Nancy, Coco. You are primarily the reason I've been making basic maxi skirts out of great fabric. Just need to figure out what to wear on top. I had a dear friend who had Scleroderma and he moved to Florida because he could no longer stay warm in New York, no matter how much he loved the city. I know about twinges at 71. Boy oh boy! I always love to read your blogs. Only recently I unfollowed a couple of blogs because although interesting to many they did not relate to me very well. Please keep it up.


  8. You are rocking that kimono Coco-how I wish I could wear it and swan around my house. 🙂 now, I want to say THANKS so much for the pic of the little bras. I love them and wore out my last one. Off to order some. They are perfect for loose clothing. Do not wear one while riding a horse !


  9. Thank, Angela. Isn't lingerie funny! I would have gotten mine from WalMart as well, but am usually too lazy to go there. Although I do order things for pick-up sometimes. Amazing what's available there. Even obscure sewing notions that I wouldn't have expected to find.


  10. Thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments, Nanci. You're one of my favorite readers 🙂 My health – I just feel like it's going to be OK. And I simply enjoy every day. I'm happy, blessed, and my whinges are twinges in the greater scheme of things. My blog – it has been so wonderful for me. So many friends and experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise. I'm glad I started it. And sewing is what I like to do most. So glad you're with me for the ride!


  11. The dress is lovely and looks great on you. I hope that the surgery helped you. You are an inspiration with your sewing and with your handling of health issues. I'm so glad that you blog. You are in my top three sewing blogs that I read. You don't just show what you created, you show how you made it, the alterations, all the extras. That's what separates you from the common blogger. Here's hoping that your body will decide to cooperate and change course for the better.


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