Vogue 8896 wide-legged trousers


Back when I was making the Merchant & Mills Strides trousers, I mentioned this Vogue trousers pattern. And I really did make them, I’m just delinquent in doing the post. They are, as I suspected, a much better fit for me.

The Vogue pattern has more curve along the hip, and 2 back darts and front pleats instead of one.

I made the size 14, with only one change, an addition actually – the fly shield from the Strides pattern. It’s just so handsome!

As with my final take on the Strides, I did a horizontal fish-eye dart in the back (the flat bottom and bagging solution). I really like the way this worked out, especially with the double darts.

Purple is an awful color to photograph. The fabric is really a deep eggplant, a cotton/poly (80/20) twill, nice weight for pants, from Fabric.com.

Some finishing touches. I secured the belt loops inside the waistband, then attached them conventionally with bar tacking. Β And I finished the fly shield, waistband, and pocket bag on the inside with some fun bias binding. I thought I had a pic of all that, but … no.

I like a bar tack across the top of the slant pocket – it’s amazing how well it works to keep the pocket flat.

Here’s a throwback – do you have one of these wonderful tap-it tracing paper markers? Sooo much easier than a tracing wheel. Mine is really really old… I’ve had it since I was 20!


For me, between the Strides and Vogue 8896, Vogue is the winner.




Bye for now! Coco

32 thoughts on “Vogue 8896 wide-legged trousers

  1. Thanks, Mary. Details are my favorite part. On these I didn't split the back center of the waistband (which I love to do) – but I knew the waistband was going to fit without that fallback. Nice pattern.


  2. Thanks, Sue. I'm really pleased with the fit. I get a little crazy if I have to mess with a pattern too much – these were nice straight out of the envelope.


  3. Thanks so much. I really like this pattern. On me they're not terribly baggy, and I didn't do anything to taper them. I've seen them on slimmer gals on whom they look wider. If I do them again, I think I'll actually add to the width!


  4. Thanks, Valerie. That bar tack is genius. I also put once at the bottom of a slant pocket to secure it – doesn't show in the pics. I got the idea from researching men's trousers. They put so much stuff into their pockets, there had to be a way to keep them from getting wonky.


  5. Thanks, Bunny. Oh, what a great little tool. I hate marking notches and darts, and this makes it easy (unless I have to do tailor tacks because of the fabric).


  6. Coco, these are a smart looking pair of trousers! Beautiful work and love the marking tool.
    I like that you had something in reserve to post. I'll remember that when I actually get some
    things made to share. Guess I'll need to start from the beginning and setup a blog. New
    experience for the New Year. Thank you for your inspiration!


  7. What great details and what a super job you did on theses pants. I so envy you being able to tuck in and wear belts and look great. My waist is long gone and I have to accept it !


  8. Excellent fit. Superb, really. I hope to achieve results like that someday, but I will have to actually get in my sewing room FIRST. πŸ™‚ Now, about that marking tool. Where can I get one. I have serious envy going on! That is simplistic genius!


  9. Oh wow, I would love to try the tap-it marker, tracing wheels drive me nuts. I know you're not in the market for one, but do you know if one can still purchase them? I tried googling but didn't really get anywhere.

    And your trousers look lovely!


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